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I don't want to say that fly on blesne necessary thing, but my experience is that tail for spinners attribute is required and only in some cases redundant. Plumage for the spinners I make synthetic red yarn and use it with the nippel′noj rubber tube, and in this article I will show you how to do it. Fly fishing good comments all white fish, Pike and loves her very much especially the bass. Except for light lajtovyh lure weight up to 2 grams, which already have weak aerodynamic properties, all its lures I always try to use with fly. If I buy them trolling without feathers, before fishing modify it, and it gives a positive result. And to the lungs instead of turntables flies you can wear a small Twister.
Replying to a question, which gives us a fly on blesne. With respect to the rotating spoons, then, in addition to the excitement factor and points of attack, there is still an important function of the tail hook-it pulls, or kind of evens in the plane of the axis of the spinners, as a result, it is not the price, does not lose the ability to rotate and start better. And the oscillating blesnah fly serves as the point of attack and thus attracting factor. I noticed that the empty attacks during posting, or by all the vibrating spoon with a fly becomes much smaller. And hook up with a fly in the jaws of a predator is always better. The number of situations in which you refer to boat a fish, and you see that the hook barely clings to skin the jaws dropping and the fish gatherings does not happen almost.
Complex in knitting flies for spinners is nothing, this is not the same as the elegant fly fly. We will need: spinners or Tees that will knit fly, nipple gum, suitable material of red colour, scissors and a little time. As a material it is better to find a synthetic thread, I have to do this kind of stuff. It makes a good bag, such material yet that does not absorb water, dries quickly, as a result of the hooks lure favorite do not rust.
Material for knitting fly lure
So, we need to make the tee flies on the finished little rotating blesne. Scissors to cut the two pieces of rubber tube nippel′noj 2-3 mm long, and prepare the required number of strands for flies.
What you need for knitting flies on blesne
Putting the yarns together to make the required thickness of the beam. A hook rotating spinners spinners put on body piece on nippel′noj tubes and hooked Don we now our gay later. Bundle of strands through the loop prodevaem hooks. The next.
Prodevaem bundle of strands through the loop of the hook

After we pull a piece nippel′noj rubber on the fore end of the hook, thus holding a fly on a hook. Scissors inside the fly, without having to fly a longer hook more than 3-5 mm. Admire the result and plan to the next fishing trip. Now all our fish!
Fly on blesne. Plumage for spinners

Boronin Roman Nikolaevich