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Щука на Котовском водохранилище

Дата рыбалки: 12 февраля 2014

Car parking near the reservoir coordinates by GPS: N52 34.183° ′, E41 ⁰ 35.600 ′.
Water reservoir beneath the city Kotovsk
Province/region: Tambov region.
Directions: drive in kotovsk, kotovsk on the street. 9-th five-year plan right in the forest. The road through the forest we reach the dam reservoir, next to the dam to the end. We drive into the Woods and left. Then eat the thumb track about four kilometers to the parking lot. We leave the car and we stamp on the sea about six hundred meters of Kotovsky toward the opposite shore.
Weather: +2 day, the wind is not strong.
Time: from 8:30 to 16:30.
The body of water: the ice is thick, if not for the amount of snow, could, as in those years, to drive on solid reservoir in passenger cars, and only by snowmobile or foot. Been catching roughly in the middle between the dam and a clearly defined Forest River in Tambov and a little further down the Middle, if on the part of the city. The snow was loose because of the heat, go quite hard. Some stick out korâžki, but not as much as closer toward the river. The bottom of the solid, driftwood and here are found. Express differences of the depths in the area a place of catching virtually no depth no more than three meters, or 270 cm.
How to catch: Caught on the boxes and jig, tried blesnit′.
The catch: the boxes, rod with mormyshkoj and fly-fishing.
What caught: Živcy is relatively large, the other being caught in another time, plotvicy. On mormyshka motyl and maggot, klevala only on motylja.
The bait: not Much really thought hard about just zaparennyj cake.
That caught the flags was Jig Pike, nice lovilas′ small Roach up to 80 grams and slipped the small okun′ki.
As klevalo: Biting roaches for February, even very good, although a little freaking fish and took not very willingly. -Bait just a Tan.
My catch: a few more kilos of meločevki and Pike at 2300 grams.
The biggest fish: well, ŝučka to two hundred.
On the klevalo: Klevala fish only on motylja, Pike has a medium size plotvičku.
How are the other fishermen: Fishermen, who were all far away and catches are not interested in, well, any Roach, who caught all caught some. Pike is not klevala.
Read more about fishing: Živcy Hutch on the balcony swam for six weeks, no less. Some plotvicy, despite the fact that had been previously planted on Pike's tees, so accustomed, that not even renounced motylja to Manor. Yes and I already poprivyk to small fishes. Not long ago I went out on the ice to catch pike, competitions on mormyshka, blesne, work. But here at last ... I am unemployed, and the time until a new job not found in bulk. Going on a fishing trip.

Go to the reservoir, the benefit is Cotovscoe is a short drive and go to it no more than 10 kilometers, so the family budget not much affected, and my soul will rest briefly, the fishing, and the ache for a long time. Fishing on the reservoir has decided to organize in a place where at the beginning of winter, several times already catching on and zherlitsy mormyshka. All tackles are ready the day before, only forecasts for place its scares a forecast for tomorrow. Better would be a severe frost, and +2 in February, and that would be all right, and then go through the forest, which is full of snow, and the snow from above-zero temperature razryhlitsâ and the machine will fail. All in all, long time since I stuck, if that, I thought, was not.

Woke up at 5 o'clock in the morning. Caught zhivtsov from Cannes and transplanted them into a special, sheathed travel mat a bucket, they have grown up even so long ago they already live in captivity. Going further. I eat with them, and not eating breakfast, I go out into the courtyard to the car. Additionally in this race and made no mistakes on the street rain drizzles. Well, as I thought, "did not!". With me the backpack with food and rubber raincoat, fishing box, živcy-"nothing is forgotten", I thought. Minute warm up the car and I was on the way.

After a few minutes I already cross the sea of Kotovskoye dam. Time 6:30, until the dawn of another two hours, OK, I guess, until arrive, come, rasstavlû flags and thirty minutes. About knowing where I will go, I understand that the snow will go Celine and the path will not be easy, so I go to the other side to reduce the walking path in deep snow. When the snow was a little, a car left on the shore of Kotovsk and Topal not less than half an hour to a point, and now better drive the extra miles. From the dam to the planned Park about four kilometers of snowy forest road in an unknown state. Staying and moving spirit, notice that the road seemed to be rolled. Well, with God, as they say! Only upon entry into the forest, I understand that its not nakatana light puzoterkami, and hides the da uazikami, but too late to stop. The machine then goes alone, then the rows of the belly, occasionally almost without stopping, and every now and then it throws from side to side because the gauge does not fit my car. Who of us fishermen-drivers did not get in this situation! You go and only then begin to understand how to actually not want to VPI ... in the night forest. The music turned off, food, buksuû, and mentally recall, in any corner of the trunk are tire chains. Second gear, the tahometre arrow keep on three thousand and fifty metres from the machine creeps at walking pace, a little more and all ... Gave Up! Stood Up! Pancake! think: "a long time ago, damn, not stuck, get help!".
Well, nothing to do, you can't be sad, where our not disappear! Get out of the car, pull out from the trunk of a shovel bayonet with a shorter handle, in winter I drive her always, and, having assessed the situation, try otkapyvat′sâ. It turns out bad. The car practically hanging on the tummy, the wheels broke loose snow to frozen earth and glide, or rather to slide one wheel, and the other in place. Can't wobble. Well, pull out chains, Jack. Obkopav comfortable place to work, raise the car and put snow chains on the wheel. Try to pull away, but then begins to stall, the other wheel and chain is in place-it is logical, just as that anticipated. Well, I spend the same operation with the other wheel and car raskačav here a little back and forth with the next attempt of machine snow breaks free from his captors and tank rushes forward. Now I'm not giving that she stop and press into the entire course within reasonable limits. When you reach the place, a little after exiting from the stake, pull off the road, although cepkah could be, well, yah Nah! Time is the ninth hour, breathed out. A bad idea as it will return almost immediately threw his head away and plunging on plastic drag all your junk and, using a flashlight, started looking for a way to hard water. Just went by to the left, but a little walking and seeing the sheen of water, remembered that here it does not thicken and dirt. Turned around and back. Found an old trail and the memory went through bushes to the side of Kotovsky reservoir. Go out on the ice and, slowly, not to vzmoknut′, go, comparing them with the route on the GPS through the darkness and fog. Not far away, but six hundred meters are about twenty minutes, and I had still not arrived. The whole vzmok, and even a light rain nakrapyvaet. I dream of going to buy yourself a good as the modern suit for winter fishing. Well, the female voice of the GPS-Receiver notifies me that I have come to the point. After another 100 meters, I decide to get up here.

Flags placed quickly, already dawned, and the fog is almost cleared. While rasstavlâl the check boxes, the two had already worked, but it turned out to be quite the bold živčiki, had to bend the spring check box to not have blank positives because of the large krasnoglazok-zhivtsov.
Once zherlits, found a place nearby and went fishing on mormyshka. A strike began almost immediately, and even without the bait. Depth sounder was showing periodic fish and approaches it almost immediately revoked on kivke winter fishing tackles. But klevala not in deepthroat and forced me to the excitement of finding a way to implement a working action. Zherlitsy silent. After a while because of the breeze I started podmerzat′. Not surprisingly, not by modern standards, quality clothes very wet due to sweat, despite the fact that even in tridcatigradusnyj Frost at the I in it self is quite tolerant of felt. Had to get out of a backpack, cloak of rubber vyručavšij for many years I have. In general it is necessary to have fishermen from all the nezamyslovatomu monument to the rubber product, I'm Pro cloak say:-D, not think about anything else!
Roach lovilas′ good, especially after the zakarmlivaniâ, but to me it is not interested, and I wasn't trying to catch a lot of fish, but on zherlitsy glanced now and then, but not lit up. In the first hour had lunch than God sent. Go away for a while at 3, and here is the fourth hour went, and Pike are not. After thinking about this, suddenly hear familiar to pain, and so coveted shot of zherlitsy! Uh, for the sake of this moment, we are giving away a lot of fishing enthusiasts! Just for the sake of these moments, we are ready to get stuck in the snow and deep mud vymazat′sâ, pushing this, his mother, Jeep, zaehavšij so far and stuck in the ditch, quarrel with family and sorry about the spoken word, and it's all for the sake of it, for the sake of this bite and hope for a major trophy. Around it is very important to us and let us get home. Well, what is it about me?! Well, Yes, to the flat, he's just a second from me, the coil is spinning without stopping. I sit down, I stop, it still revolves, slightly podtormaživaû fingers, and only having met podsekat′, it suddenly stops. Heart thumping, but I seem to not breathe and it seems a long time ago. Waiting for silence. I hesitate to do the cutting. Picking up slack line, it turned out to be a large, apparently Pike turned and went back into the hole. Feeling the tension of the line, make a nesil′nuû cutting. IS THERE! Kinda started to breathe:-D. Start vyvaživat′. The thoughts have already weighed the Pike, but I'm afraid to even think about the weight so as not to scare your luck. Fish almost gives up, but then goes away from the hole, vyvaživaû very gently, afraid to miss out on a single klûnuvšego for today. Can six races and ten fish then approached the hole, then hitting the ice, went away from it, I am not giving slack, give it a scaffold. Whatever you want, just not sorvis′, my dear! Telescopic bagorik, another phenomenon of the morning fishing box in the upper right of the boot, had already broken up. Now is the right time, I poddevaû the fish and get it on the ice. All-... Ok. Ŝučka really like and thought a little more than two pounds. Helping mul′titulom, carefully remove the gills of little trojniček. Blood no, it's too good, not like when predator bleeds, just not pretty. And now is the predator, sometimes awkwardly from side to side. Do some pictures on memory, having caught a few plotvic, going home at the Kotovski sea Pike.
Going to fast and after half an hour already go to the car. Well, I guess not let us down! Four kilometres through the forest flew at lightning speed and I just popped out of the Woods. Thank you for not vyručavšim me anti-skid chains. The dam I'm uploading them, and here I am already home, where meets a lovely little wife.

fishing at the kotovski sea

General Summary:
Despite the seemingly small catch, fishing was great: and there is something to remember, and fry the fish caught. Plastic drag in deep moist snow drag is very difficult, they fail, and the impression is created that the taŝiš′ not on snow, but on sand. All happy with this and go on a fishing trip!

Boroninn Roman Nikolaevich

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