Adjustment and tuning of cranks

In fishing practices fans of fishing baits sometimes have a little update or tune wobblers. To tuning lures have to resort not often, usually good catchability baits no revision is not required. However, the hand of our brother itching, and of catchability Wobbler, with some modifications, you can get even more effective bait. It is no secret for experienced fishermen, often to improve lure, or to change its buoyancy, you have to change the popular bait hooks or rings, to implant in him lead weights, either extract from bait built-in rattle. For example, it often happens that a good crank, when moving in the water, deviates strongly from the rate without changes Wobbler is not enough here, and you have to bend the bracket crank that the bait was moving in the water as necessary. In General, this section will put such modifications and wisdom in tuning of different lures.