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homemade transom wheels for boat PVCI decided to tell the readers of my site about my homemade transom wheels for boat PVC hinged transom. Boat PVC hinged transom have a length of not more than three meters and if for small boats, wheels are not needed, for my three-meter boats with soles-book wheels even very helpful for lowering it into the water and back.
The first year of operation I wore a boat alone on the shoulder, it is quite possible and not very hard, but it is when there is no wind, but if the wind is blowing, it is all much more difficult to keep such a sail on the wind speed above 5 m/s is almost impossible. On the Internet to find options transom wheels for boat PVC hinged transom today I managed to run mainly on variants of wheels for boats with fixed transom. When I decided how to make wheels, thoughts were to make their type, like boats with transom glued, but when detailed planning had to abandon them because of the practical impossibility of implementing this idea, and expensive all this, and wanted for free.

 For mounting frame wheels to tractor hitch transom of the boat PVC I serve only two bolts with a diameter of 5 mm
Somehow I stumbled upon an old trolley bags, tried it, and it just came up. To make the homemade truck transom wheels for boat PVC hinged transom, had to redo quite a bit. Grinder cut off the truck all the excess. Thin axle was changed to a more durable stainless tube. Put wheels from a child's bike. And, perhaps, everything. For mounting frame wheels to tractor hitch transom of the boat PVC I serve only two bolts with a diameter of 5mm, washers and two nuts-lamb. To use larger bolts is not necessary, since their function is only to press the frame improvised transom wheels to tractor hitch transom, and from offset to different sides of the frame wheels keep the four screws at the corners of the hinged transom. Wheels should choose wider than me, broad will be less likely to fall into the loose soil, I put are what I found. Nuts nuts need something to protect from falling into the water, I implemented a simple - with the help of braids.
I implemented simple - with the help of braids

After downloading the boat and packing it in a bag, disconnect the wheels from the transom there is no need, I translate them assembled. Unscrew the nuts whitecaps have only water. After the boat is launched, I Unscrew the wing nuts and remove improvised transom wheels, put them in the boat. After fishing to roll out the boat ashore, transom wheels again put on the transom, and in this form they will be until the next fishing trip.

Transom wheels mount transomTransom wheels mount trancheuse a number of advantages to transom wheels on the transom mount. During transportation of the boat PVC from your car to the reservoir, it is possible to put not much heavy gear, heavy is better handled separately. After the boat pulled ashore, I put her in the front part, for example, a folding chair, where they fish, and the rear part of the boat hanging on the transom wheels, this boat PVC dries on the breeze, its easier to wipe and it does not get dirty. In General, I recommend owners of boats PVC hinged transom to make something similar, the benefits of using wheels for boat PVC obvious.
wheel mount transom

Boronin Roman Nikolaevich