Homemade lures

Not so long ago the era of self-made baits was in a strong Prime. It's the nineties and up to them. Be proud of this is not desirable, because it is not from a good life, but, as Nietzsche used to say, "everything that doesn't kill me makes me stronger". Now those days have generated a lot of inventors in the fishing business. Initially, many of the modern bait, which now can be easily bought in a shop, when someone invented, and be sure that it happened not in the special conditions at the factory, and in the kitchen in any communal or apartment. Invented their normal guy to the nearest day to indulge in the pond and обловить all in the region. Many remember, when such home-made baits as «чертик» for bream, «goat», «witch» could only get on acquaintance of the wizard, or make your own, and in the stores sold only pieces of a huge size, Yes овсинки. Even purchased spinners it was necessary to additionally provide, tied a red fly to self-подточенным sandpaper hooked. But many managed to do spinners out of the ordinary tablespoons and successfully caught on them toothy. Now shops are overwhelmed with all kinds of lures, you can buy even such rare bait, as the mouse to catch taimen. But all the same the true worshippers homemade lures are still around and it's not only нахлыстовики with his self-made fly, but also ordinary Amateur fishermen, which is still to be found, for example, on winter fishing and have them in a box with мормышками will prevail homemade lures.
I well remember when my Dad with sparkling eyes from the approaching winter fishing, sitting in the kitchen with a soldering iron, and a number were strewn beads, clasps, of lead and tin, various metal plates. All these little things in just one evening turned into original and perfect homemade mormyshkas, and with them already, father had no equal on the ice. Then I, too, was near, inhaled the soldering smell and, as it seemed to me, helped to solder bait. Father much, I did not forbid, and even gradually taught, and I, watching the work of the Pope, shook it all on his mustache. Let us not lose this, we can say already a tradition, make homemade lures for your fishing needs. With this experience, it would be easier to choose the right bait in those or other conditions of fishing, this will help us more to understand the nature of the bite of one or another of fish, and in General, will not forget who we are and for what all do it.
I don't want to say that fly on blesne necessary thing, but my experience is that tail for spinners attribute is required and only in some cases redundant. Plumage for the spinners I make synthetic red yarn and use it with the nippel′noj rubber tube, and in this article I will show you how to do it. Fly fishing good comments all white fish, Pike and loves her very much especially the bass. Except for light lajtovyh lure weight up to 2 grams, which already have weak aerodynamic properties, all its lures I always try to use with fly. If I buy them trolling without feathers, before fishing modify it, and it gives a positive result. And to the lungs instead of turntables flies you can wear a small Twister.