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Never bought a fishing stores weights more than 1 or 2 pieces. The cost of weights it begins with an average of 10 rubles per 20-gram Cheburashka and increases in direct proportion to its weight. Therefore a simple leaden weight weight from 300 grams worth of not less than 150 roubles. Expensive, pancake, especially if you catch on, for example, five of the gear and in коряжнике, where periodically lose precious weights!
(To see the picture, go to the Russian version of the site.) Even complex form weights can be done with the help of home-made forms for casting weights of plaster. I started these experiments quite a long time ago, in the school years. One day I saw in the store weights for снасточек, what type Cheburashka toys, only in the form of a pike-fish heads, дюжа I liked them. Well, I bought one, on how much money was, and more of them in the sale had never seen. Weights have turned out even better than in the store, because for the manufacture of Ushkov I used not thin, like the original, ржавеющую wire and copper thicker. Then I had done this way, and large mormyshkas and the scrapping of the head. The only problem for improvised scrapping heads in a plaster form was a search for a suitable hooks, well with her, I inquired.
In one makeshift form of plaster usually manage to cast not less than 20 трехсотграммовых weights for донок, enough for a lot of fishing trips, and the form for casting weights still remains in working condition. Even if it bursts, on the quality of the casting of this much is not reflected, simply a form consists of three or four parts, well it is almost a joke, " a better throw it away and make a new form, the benefit of this is not difficult, and now I'll tell you how.
We'll do a simple form for the casting of a simple трехсотграммового cargo. I shall repeat, that in the same way you can do and complex weights in the form of jigs heads, various large мормышек, Cheburashka toys, olives, and others. Brief all simply and quickly, but the truth is it's a little bit of time and effort in the coupe with care. First you need to pick up two suitable boxes from a dense paper, you can make them yourself. In them, we will stir gypsum, in them, and he hardens. For small weights fit two match-box, but I, for трехсотграммового weights, needed one more boxes. The thickness of the walls of the future forms should be from 1.5 up to 3-4 cm, depending on the size of the отливаемого weights.
Pour into a paper boxes gypsum, divorce him a simple water to a state of liquid sour cream or even a little thinner. Do everything as quickly as possible, good mixing plaster suitable wand. The time we have not a lot, not more than five minutes before the gypsum will start to be seized.
As soon as the plaster will start to be seized, take the sinker and вминаем to one half in our mess. If our sinker easy, you can put it in a cast immediately after the good mixed up, it doesn't sink as heavy. In order to sinker was easier to learn from hardening of the form, before you put it in a cast, spread weights any lubrication.
half of the plaster moulds for casting weights
Wait a few minutes before hardening. Then release the future half of the plaster moulds for casting lead sinkers from paper boxes. My paper box this test held at ur, suffered almost negligible, and after repair with the help of adhesive tape, was I for the second halves of the form of gypsum.
box for gypsum
The form is not much solidified, we knife alignment of all the planes. Fragile gypsum is processed fairly easy, trouble can deliver only plaster dust, therefore we work carefully, observing the order of around himself, or on the streets, that they didn't interfere. Later, we will need to first half of hardening of gypsum forms down in the box with liquid plaster, so the side of the first form, cut away so that she freely climbed in the second box. Check, omitting the first form in the box for the second form.
mode gypsum knife

form after processing of a knife

processed half of the form for casting weights

check the width of the box for a form
Also still need to make a knife a few voids in the first plaster form for that in the future, the two halves of plaster moulds for casting lead sinkers among themselves will not move. In the manufacture of small forms, for example, in match boxes, instead of these pits is better to use matches, sticking them from two to four pieces in a body form of gypsum.
make a deepening in the form for casting weights

deepening prevent the displacement of the halves of the forms of
Before you make in the same way the second half of the form, you need to first form a good solidified. For this it is better to form a few hours, but if reluctance to wait, you can, and after one hour, after the processing of the first half, to start to mix the plaster for the second half of the form.
gypsum in a box
Knead the cast for the second half of the form. Again, we do things quickly. After a good sense of gypsum, take the first half of the form with a load in her and boldly flatten it in a plaster cast of the second half of the form. Yes, before you connect the two halves of the form of gypsum, it is necessary to lubricate any grease or fat, a place of contact of the two halves of the first part. Do this in order to work on separate halves of plaster moulds for casting was held successfully. For this purpose I use the traditional silicon grease in the cartridges (seen in the photo above), but you can still soap solution use.
making the second half of the form

dry form for casting weights in the oven
In order to form a faster solidified, I put it in the open warmed oven, but it is not necessary. After about an hour or a little more begin to Refine the form. For a long time does not wait, fragile gypsum process easier. The knife and other improvised tools, such as large file, process the form of gypsum about to such a state (see the photos), so that you can see a flat place of articulation halves of a form of gypsum.
process the form for casting weights

processed form for casting weights
Try рассоединить halves of the form. If it does not, use improvised means, for example, a safety razor blade, thin knife or something like that. Work carefully, and it will happen.
After the рассоединим halves, also gently extract from the form weights. Behind, we need to do with a knife holes to fill the lead and to exit gases. The holes for the release of gases can be just проскоблить with a knife, or a nail in one of the halves of forms, broad do them is not necessary, enough of 1-2 mm.
the holes in the plaster mould for casting weights

Fill the hole in the plaster mould for casting weights and the holes for the air outlet
All. Homemade plaster form for casting lead sinkers team. It remains only good to dry. She needs to lie down in a dry place not less than 1-2 days. You can use the oven. Mother can explain that better than dried and cured form, the longer it will serve you. The fact is, that if it will dry out bad, then when heated because of the remaining moisture form can burst, as happened with me. Well, that lopina not large and for casting she had no effect. During prepared to lead in the form of halves, you can connect an appropriate length of rope, or take advantage of the clamp, as I. The first sinker may not be possible, because the form is to take a good warm-up, the second and the following are successful.