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I will try to describe in detail, how to make bezuzlovuû clasp their hands. You can of course buy a pack and fasteners, for their price is not great, but not really in every provincial city on sale have a knotless fasteners.
A few years ago, I read in one fishing magazine about the benefits of ultra cross buckles over conventional fishing and light up the experience this miracle. But sales have not found and then, looking at the picture in the magazine, using a pair of pliers, and kruglogubcev bokorezov I easily made such bezuzlovuû clasp their hands. I trained on a simple wire from ordinary paper clip, later it turned out that used to clasp the wire was not necessarily high, and paper clip it works great. However, for the manufacture of bezuzlovyh fasteners with their hands recommend getting a suitable wire, while it still you fishing needs help not races. Suitable wire I buy in stores where they sell medtehniku for dentists, "wire for orthodontic appliances" diameter 0.6 or 0.8 mm is perfect for fishing needs.
Wire for fishing needs
Do knotless fasteners for mikrodžiga I do not recommend. Practice has shown that small clasps of fine wire, such as guitar strings, did not hold the braid, slides off it with them, but on the standard fastener holds as it should, but mikrodžig loses his sensitivity and delicacy.

So, to make the fastener bezuzlovuû we need: round nose pliers, wire with the pliers and wire cutters. Wire cutters must be high quality if they are biting plûŝat wire, then it will take another and diamond nadfil to whittle away the butt Oblate wire.

The sequence is as follows (items duplicated photos):

Kruglogubcami vygibaem edge of the wire on 180 degrees.
bezuzlovaâ clasp their hands
Perehvatyvaemsâ kruglogubcami and zagibaem wire to the other side by about 250 degrees, as in the photo.
homemade zip bezuzlovaâ
Podgibaem krûčoček a little hook with pliers.
How to make bezuzlovuû zip
Kruglogubcami zagibaem the other side of the zipper, the total length of the fasteners should get 14-16 mm, depending on the thickness of the supposed braids. At installation will need to make 8-10 speed ultra cross around the base of the hook-and-line leaders.
do bezulovuû buckle
Clipper otkusyvaem wire to length turned the has been around 7 mm.
length 15 mm clasp ultra cross
Pliers sgibaem clasp to the finished product.
ready to bezuzlovka with his own hands
Celebrate the successful conclusion of the case and ponder the upcoming fishing trip!
bezuzlovaâ-zip file

And finally the video on how to make bezuzlovuû clasp their hands and how to bind using ultra cross hook bait.

Boronin Roman Nikolaevich