Homemade gear

In spite of the fact, that the stores have different gear for fishing, still sometimes have something to produce their own hands. For example, I have such self-made gear, which has already done a long time, but occasionally use them and sow day, and there are already long time ago, do not use, but throw them dare not, by reason of the fact that the roads for me as a memory. Made them, not because it was hard to get, but simply because it gave me a kind of pleasure. My gear, such as: homemade подсачек and the gaff for major trophies, homemade Kukan of reliable steel wire, Croaker for luring soma, various simple summer and winter донки with homemade lodges, отчепы for мормышек and spoons, зевники, etc. - all of this gear, which I regularly use. Others - for example, a boat, tackle, which in its time it was just fun to make and catch something on it, or ball float out of Plexiglas, which floats on the surface of the water, if the bubble and are not afraid of the fish - has long been gathering dust in some case. So is that, with time, more and more of its improvised gear we change to a more modern, reliable, and self-made gear are deposited in the far corner and stored there. Although not want to, Oh, how not want to allow this! Sometimes stumble upon them, the memories come over, and instead of trying to get rid of junk, you put them on the site to keep as a memory.
In fact our country is very big and not all live near good fishing shops, and the income of the average Russian rarely exceeds 15,000 roubles, and now the Internet, as they say, is already in every house, so the topic of self-made gear is still relevant to us, hence you are reading these lines. Now take a sheet of paper with a pen and write on it all the fishermen's the little things that have long wanted to do with his own hands. Then, do not put this list in the box, and take the instrument and start sculpting. Believe me, to use these expensive fishing heart homemade gear will be very nice, but the trophy on his home-made equipment you find much larger.
In this section we will publish a wide range of interesting and useful self-made gear for fishing. To you I will be asked, " do not be lazy to share with the readers of this site its original самоделками, for the site it will be a good help, but for you, a small, but all the same, the fame. Good luck!
I will try to describe in detail, how to make bezuzlovuû clasp their hands. You can of course buy a pack and fasteners, for their price is not great, but not really in every provincial city on sale have a knotless fasteners.
Never bought a fishing stores weights more than 1 or 2 pieces. The cost of weights it begins with an average of 10 rubles per 20-gram Cheburashka and increases in direct proportion to its weight. Therefore a simple leaden weight weight from 300 grams worth of not less than 150 roubles. Expensive, pancake, especially if you catch on, for example, five of the gear and in коряжнике, where periodically lose precious weights!