Homemade fishing

Original homemade fishing can be done yourself at home. In this section you will find answers to your questions.
homemade transom wheels for boat PVCI decided to tell the readers of my site about my homemade transom wheels for boat PVC hinged transom. Boat PVC hinged transom have a length of not more than three meters and if for small boats, wheels are not needed, for my three-meter boats with soles-book wheels even very helpful for lowering it into the water and back.
I will try to describe in detail, how to make bezuzlovuû clasp their hands. You can of course buy a pack and fasteners, for their price is not great, but not really in every provincial city on sale have a knotless fasteners.
I don't want to say that fly on blesne necessary thing, but my experience is that tail for spinners attribute is required and only in some cases redundant. Plumage for the spinners I make synthetic red yarn and use it with the nippel′noj rubber tube, and in this article I will show you how to do it. Fly fishing good comments all white fish, Pike and loves her very much especially the bass. Except for light lajtovyh lure weight up to 2 grams, which already have weak aerodynamic properties, all its lures I always try to use with fly. If I buy them trolling without feathers, before fishing modify it, and it gives a positive result. And to the lungs instead of turntables flies you can wear a small Twister.
Never bought a fishing stores weights more than 1 or 2 pieces. The cost of weights it begins with an average of 10 rubles per 20-gram Cheburashka and increases in direct proportion to its weight. Therefore a simple leaden weight weight from 300 grams worth of not less than 150 roubles. Expensive, pancake, especially if you catch on, for example, five of the gear and in коряжнике, where periodically lose precious weights!
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Чучело из головы щуки


Попробую рассказать, как я делаю чучело из головы щуки. Ну, сначала, конечно, надо изловить зубастую хищницу, но об этом читайте в других статьях. Крупную рыбу чательно промываем, желательно в проточной воде. Берем хороший острый нож и отрезаем от нее голову. Сделать это надо так, чтобы осталось 2-3 см сверху от