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The predators.
- New the fishing inspector, to the execution began, - тонюсеньким voice managed a wizened old man.

- Another... " grinned thick-bearded fifty years old man in a white linen shirt. 'We'll see. Nitsche... - the Last word abruptly faded from his fleshy lips, as выплевывается a cigarette, if hands are full.
The old man подхихикнул:

"Of course, Yakov Petrovitch, you all on the force! By Sunday, therefore, tackle celebrate?

- Prepare, Ефимка. Will be as agreed.

The old man slipped out of the house into the yard with numerous buildings and сарайчиками, looked around and bent over, slowly went in «den», as he himself Efim called his бобылью home. Ефимка, the old man - the leaky Cam, after the death of his wife addicted to the stuff and pulling подогнулся in the lap of rustic life. Whether it Yakov Petrovitch! Solid owner, the ruble didn't spend, everything in the house, in the house, and Ефимка - soul open, as his wife had gone there, where they could not be returned, the money, which had been lowered, bye-bye his labour копеечке. Stayed Yefim under the age of only the hands of the earthy colors with cracked hands. Many were able to hand: the roof of the fix, make a cut, network браконьерскую weave. And the network came out good, the lungs, the cell to the cell. Just for a half-liter - mesh-бредешок, and if am in need of a large браконьерская network, вполреки, then slapped his hand on the palm of the hand, converged on the box.

And now the order from Yakov Petrovitch «сурьезный», the half-month of work, not to hangover Ефимке. Yakov Petrovich hitch does not forgive, скостит a quarter of the price for outstanding in the period of work, and then wait-wait for, when the client comes along. Not everyone now thinks big. This predator, Yakov Petrovitch, nobody is afraid: with one talk with others who need the forest to drop, to have money перешибет. As пилорамой became заведывать, and increased посредь villagers hilly bump. And how differently: all around the steppe, хворостину and that will not find. Believed, however, Efim, what to order the postponement will happen. New fishing control - a young guy instead of oiled Porphyria in the village appeared, but, see, and this will break time. «Oh, you the power and money who want to подластят, and do not want to - toast, grind, пережуют with gusto and not spit out», - кумекал the old man, trotting along the village street.

't know Efim, how many restless fatigue gave Yakov Petrovitch the appointment of a new рыбинспектора. With the former Yakov Petrovich Oh how well lived. Shy was porphyry. When a bribe taking, my fingers trembling. With the new still had to be in the contact log, подладиться-make friends. For each previous рыбинспектором unfortunate run: пофигуристее women, and a bunch of Reds or the most that neither is easy - hop обмывка caught in abundance of fish. What for young sin " try разбери!

Visit the young the fishing inspector with the dress on power-saw bench for materials, took the boards, Kingfish, to the old house, who with his wife was going to settle in, where you have patched, but at the same time put a new fence. Met him Yakov Petrovitch, for nothing побалакали, and that's to bring poacher case immediately so not going over, I had a guy to come.

- Трудненько will you, young man, обстраиваться, " he said. - The roof of the hut thin... okay, Okay, let's help. You just have something to шабашникам don't hurry, ' Yakov went to the nearest acquaintance to «you». "They hit the jackpot clip and can улепетнуть. Come to me in the evening. I'll masters from local counsel, and it will be necessary and carpenters ladies of its economy... come from? Of The Volga Region?

"No, from Moscow, - smiled briefly guy. - Fisheries Department, he graduated from the distribution here is received.

- Even better! Desirable, country

life know. The people of the village - in their warehouse sincere. Orders are transmitted from fathers to sons. Well, boy, I see you, good! - Yakov Petrovich good-naturedly, as a father patted him on the shoulder. - Uzhiveshsya!

- I alone, of course, with repair, could not do it.

- Заходь, заходь... Yes, you, by the way, what's your name?

- Victor.

- Vitek, then, " grinned the face of Jacob, and the inside of подавилось splashed joyous laughter: caught on the same nail for the thread of the conversation, now only house left bundle tighten. - Became, until the evening, Vitek. I will wait. I myself once in the village перекочевывал, I know how difficult it is to acquire the economy.

Parted like old friends.

Now Yakov Petrovich, waiting for the Victor, with evil thoughts. Slowly walked from corner to corner in General upper room, watching as the woman copes dinner richer, and обмозговывал, how would it agree, that at least would squint the fishing inspector on his little fun antics. If столкуются with a guy, there, look, will, as with Порфирушкой. The rich buy-out could pay James for fish: black caviar not been translated; балычок it used to be in the house not only on holidays, and most importantly, приторговывала wife Claudia sturgeon side and икоркой the familiar addresses in the city. Kush перепадал Yakov Petrovitch, a hefty after each successful businessman.

How many times helped Jacob Efim - hack threw on profitable customer displays, and the old man on the third day, where for both, and where the debt - drunk. Truly it is said: «Type a SIP of the vodka tummy not trough, the head is not a leader!» Does not give until Gulf old one Yakov Petrovitch, only at the expense of his Efim as something to hold on. And he was beginning Yakov with the usual operator, worked from sunrise to sunset. Try to blame in unearned income. Mind, hump purse made and in which none of the princes leaned out, even to fifty годкам, and dialed силушку: and the children of cars, apartments, and itself not only with a crust of bread.

Thought so, stalking from corner to corner, Yakov Petrovitch, and the soul is not веселело. Sad and dreary gnawing worm of the soul.

There is no good without bad. In the last season of lost Yakov Petrovich partner, burned down one or a pinch of snuff. And with whom could talk a little Jacob, so it is with him - high чернобровым Omelchenko. The guy was hot. With his superiors could not get along, outburst in vain and dismissed. Case nailed him to the Bank Yakov Petrovich. Among her many flights sat down on a power-saw bench, and now, as soon as noticed the little-Malskyy wrong, injustice, used relations began to find out. This, perhaps liked Jacob - he is sick of тихонькие and modestly, but is simply no. And this looked like an eagle! Keen on his Yakov Petrovich to fish, and to night, worrying, in the fearful шорохах fishing.

't expect Yakov Petrovitch, that one day will hide from him Omelchenko caught sturgeon and will sell at the Bazaar. Not like greedy was, and Jacob money partner might not hurt. Hell of a guy, or what, am? Now time is not something that twenty years ago. Tougher steel orders. Now to the Bazaar don't stick your nose, that's gone, burned down. Incredible fears then had suffered Yakov. Well, that explained Omelchenko all the blame on myself: that one time served, which together.

So now to fish Ефимку to attract, although not like the old man in a great deal include, and one poacher the network is not put down, and not pull out. Just not болтнул where the old man on the booze of the fishery, and then the business owner will come the turn of his term twist.

Заковырнулась was a thorn little thought that the end of the Яковой fishing goes, Yes even Ефимка new network soul digs in to: «is it Worth Yakov Petrovitch network knit, do not delay заказец until better times?» For the forbidden, to дармовому piece of mouth stretches - for the ears do not pull, can't lose the case Yakov, sucked him this devilish infection - fishing-fishing, try to refuse, when illegal sturgeon himself into the hands of the floats. «Nothing, and the new supervision is not opened, old - I calmed myself Yakov Petrovitch, " and this обломается, обтешется. True, they say, that some of them, of young, meticulous went. But after all, and gobies with a stubborn tetchy, until they ring in the nostrils is not вденут, and there, staring, dull, just know cocci Spud!»

- Klavka! What are you, in the world you want? The caviar put?!

"So old-the supervision, бывалоча, without икорки a glass of not miss. I thought, you скалякался!

- Столкуешься with him! He's young, still vodka and fish is not corrupted. This is turn will come, then give стерлядкой, but right now the only pike-perch, bream, and then measure the extent of...

Victor came together with his wife, a young, beautiful coloured, with frankly naive eyes.

"This Yakov Petrovitch, " he said to her master.

- Nastya softly, " called the woman. - Victor said, that you will help with the house. And we really do not know what to do. Thank you!

- Благодарствовать after will. - Yakov felt confident for him to bow to come, and not he requests, all is in his favor.

"We have money set aside. Seven hundred roubles. - Nastya blushed, подкрашенные velvety eyelashes запорхали wings. - May be, for the first time enough?

«Yes they are children, " thought James, " and I, fool, распсиховался. Just wasted the fishing inspector with little wife come, men's conversation may not happen!»

"Oh, darling, who has now there is no money! That's workers, " go find it. Scallywag! The money off, and with what was staying.

"But you promised to help! "Victor was worried, what with the difficulty of the accumulated amount may not be enough.

- Since Yakov Petrovich committed itself, it won't give up. So do not worry... Let's to the table, " Yakov hospitable gesture pointed to ample food.

"What do you... We only went to agree.

In the village of custom for the table all the talk about. - Jacob pushed the Victor.

«And drink are you, brother, don't know how, " he cast a nervous glance at the guy, who, frowning, swallowed the contents of the glass. - What kind of fool you on such a profitable place appointed?»

The more the fishing inspector ate and the longer dragged on for conversation under a clatter of plates time, the more firmly convinced Jacob: for the simple run, the brains B.S a piece of cake.

- Boat was? - tossed casually Yakov Petrovitch....

- Already tested. Пускач only pinks.

- Fixed. Here every engine. Instead of cars boats нахватали, in the city by the water circulating. I have the most from the «gas» of the engine.

"Why, Yes! For you don't keep up! Can, lend, if required.
"You catch on, eh, who met?! - Jacob waved his hand, as if cast out an annoying fly. - Nothing! 'Ere for ages браконьерничали. Неловленых poachers that the harvest of melons. Yes, and what will be, if a man for the holiday осетришку drawn, in stores-one conserve rusty. Ugh!..

"I, Yakov Petrovitch, I do not agree. The sturgeon is a currency of the state, so to speak, fish gold. In рыбхозах fry bred, funds spent, and the river allowed - and half of the planned livestock would not do, if each drag on at least one. The theft of this, the real theft. - Victor excited. - Unfair business! If, as you say, fresh fish want it, here it is, - Victor gestured to the table, " catch a donkey bream. Fishing we have is not forbidden is honest, decent.

- Oh, you got so angry. Do you think, I'm for fish not радею, al I don't regret it, " Yakov Petrovich thumped his chest with his fist, " when осетруха with a torn belly floats?!

Realized Yakov: not come talk, himself, as a full-grown sturgeon, the network has got, now try to выпутайся. Here Yakov said:

"You want to, the place of the show, where браконьерничают? Secretly, схоронное place. - Yakov muffled, as if choking, whispered: " but you do not give, and it cuts me мужичье like to drink cuts!

"What are you, Yakov Petrovitch, I will find. - Victor fearfully looked in red face.

«Сробел! "thought James. "Nothing, обвыкай. For me the benefits. Fear - his eyesight dimmed with fright top of the low it seems».

- I myself about the nature of радею, will certainly show. Owe my. Tomorrow morning carpenters to you зашлю, and in the evening взведем boat and go in the place. Well, it's a deal!!!

Night handfuls scattered bright stars, and полноликая the moon crept over притихшим, with whitish haze of the beach. Softly splashing in wetlands water, only at times her всхлипывающую говорливость is interrupted by a shrill lonely cry of a night bird.

- Light hurt. - Ефимка looked at his brother. Added quietly, " Very adventurous.

"Of course, " Yakov slowly pulling traveled by boat along the coast. - Vitek our today the old Creek watching. Go потешится, may, and who'll absorb immigrants! - bared his teeth in a grin of Jacob.

- Clever you, Yakov Petrovitch! And берданку smell about him hold? Afraid of?

- Mosquito scare! Drinkin gnats bipedal on the river наплодилось. Each, like you, look where you do not need, " said Jacob.

extension сетиНаконец the place, where the river makes smooth majestic turn. Darkness thickened mist, quite apart, it seems, with a bright moon can every dark hair count in the hands of James or every Efimov wrinkle see. Quite inappropriately. Ran, stretched, браконьерская network behind the stern, the poacher Yakov подгребал so that a semicircle-coverage closed the largest possible surface of the river. When the network has gone from the side of a boat moored to the sand spit.

Sand cracked under his feet. Ефимка, struck a match, lit a cigarette from the caustic самосада. Like it Yakov swear for the reckless light, then changed his mind.

- How, Yakov Petrovitch, pull? "The old man was worried - goat's legs quivered in his fingers.

Yakov stalked over to the water, and peered in полинялую darkness, and, with a sigh, a little twitch of his lips:

- Pull!

Grasp the rope end, перепахивая, like a tractor feet-wheels of loose sand, pulled it to the side.

"Oh, don't keep pace with, Petrovich, did not keep pace with that, " panted Ефимка. - Hard!

"Heads up, these old people! A little was left. Pull!

In the depths, not having to take the ropes went wild fish. Network тяжелела from its rapid pulls. Fish several times struck the tail, rose above the water, and with a deafening clap of shlepnuvshis a huge white body, she became excited in a securely fenced крупноячеистыми bondage depths of the sea. The fish gave the old man's arms energy. Ефимка, crouching, oblivious to the pain embedded in the palm of ropes, and dragged the net. Feeble hands as if strengthened and stay young.

The big fish struggled on the shallow water. As a shackled in leg irons prisoner, she could no longer get out of вонзившихся in her capron ropes. They harassed the mighty movement, but дюжей of its enough for heavy candles-jumps, from which, it seemed, cracking resistant reliable kapron.

- Beat it, beat it! "shouted Jacob, and Ефимка, catching up колотушку, was hitting on fish head, falling awkwardly after each blow.

"Oh, stuff!.. " Yakov bad swore, took колотушку and one crushing blow drove her on the head of the fish.

But it's not even well-aimed blow time to kill sturgeon. Convulsively охаживал his tail water, not allowing to approach her still alive and strong the flesh. Only the second blow, Jacob managed to stun the fish. Sturgeon feverishly several times kicked tail and verse.

When the fish was dragged to the shore and Ефимка started to slice her, Jacob, remembering сноровистого Omelchenko, said:

- You become a Jew, Efim. Хлюпкий.

"Well, and fish with my height. Where do with such a match! "The old man tore a large broadsword осетровое belly. Choosing the wet slime fingers eggs, placing it in a bucket, ублаготворение smiled.

"Come on, " said the poacher Yakov. - Only one caught. Yet to reach поправее network toss.

Suddenly in the distance, behind the bend, whirred boat. Efim raised frightened eyes, pressed his palm to his ear:

- By the way Порфирушкин cutter.

- Was Порфирушкин, now Витюшкин. - Yakov anxiety засновал the sturgeon. "Let's caviar and fish in the boat. Now, go on the motor will.

The old man засуматошился. Gave Yakov heavy bucket, raised sturgeon by the tail, with difficulty pulled it, dragging in the sand. He was about to turn the network, but Jacob, взведя motor, shouted:

"The hell with it! The new bind! The go go!
Efim twitched in confusion to the jumble of stranded on the grid, but all the same fear of being left on the sand spit overcame the pity to his рукомеслу, and the old man, out of breath, jumped up in the boat, turning over a bucket with caviar.

- Have! Пентюх! "he Jacob, but then, as soon as the engine level earned, calmed down. Never before had the motor wouldn't let him. And this time the boat, whirling in an arc, he rushed to the open water. «Listen now, Витюша, the scales of the fish!» - flashed James has in mind.

Here there was a grinding noise under the stern, motor housing exploded ago, he cleared his throat with a catch and the dead.

- Screw mesh confused! "yelled Ефимка, grabbed the oars and began to transfer them to Yakov, but it was too late.

A narrow beam of the headlights of the oncoming boat appeared from around the corner, felt the bright light of the Bank and as glued stopped on the stuck in shallow water, the boat.

- Stop! broke the silence of the night a clear voice.

Ефимка picked up the bucket, and swung.

- Not мельтеши! - kept old Jacob. - Right now покалякаем in its own way. "He collapsed at ease on the seat, quietly waiting for рыбинспектора.

Efim could not understand: the смазывай heels, throw the net, to ride goat about over the side, just to драпануть, and the wait-was waiting, when caught red-handed taking. The old man stared at Jacob: «I suppose, and the young bribed!»

"Great, Vitek! "shouted Jacob подплывающему in the boat. "I can catch anyone?

"Yakov Petrovitch? "asked Victor. "What are you doing here?

"That's decided to take a walk on реченьке, Yes engine stalled. On the tug not take?

The red boat drifted quite close enough. and Victor saw jammed, embodying his head on his shoulders, so that only up peep grey cap, unknown to the old man and firmly seated, прищурившего cunning eyes of his brother. Noticed the fishing inspector and распластавшуюся at the stern beside the old man gutted the king fish. Jacob grinned roguishly, eye-beams looked at рыбинспектора.

"Well, балакаю, in tow catch? - In the words of James the threat. - And then here with my grandfather on the walk lower back ache! Vona, as was crook.

"You, Yakov Petrovitch, it's always with you to the trip take? - if not noticing a grain of malice and wickedness in the voice of Jacob, has shown Victor on the gun. "I did not expect from you, Yakov Petrovitch.... Undignified!

The fishing inspector killed the engine and, stirring boots muddy water, went to the poachers. Not looking at the ощерившегося James, he moved to his bucket with caviar.

"Sit here to me, now on a visit to рыбохране go! RA-de-te-Li! "Hester said Victor.

He again approached the boat, he took the gills of the sturgeon, pressed the cold carcass to him, and staggering under the weight, he stepped back.

In Jacob boiled irrepressible outburst of black anger.

"Throw the fish! Come on! Come on, if disappear don't want to!

"Don't frighten, Yakov Petrovitch! Not in the least afraid!

"Oh, you!..

The echo of the shots echoing boomed over the water, and passing by, slammed in the ears of the crumpled figure on the stern of the Ефимки. He opened his eyes. Young the fishing inspector continued to make large, wet in the water steps to the boat, if not feeling shot. Stepped widely once, twice, a third, his legs buckled and he stumbled, making the last step, and not letting the sturgeon, fell headlong into the water.

"What are you, what are you... You crazy?! "yelled Ефимка, wet взвизгивая. - Why do guys угубил?! Because of the fish! Damn it! He pushed clutched in the hands of Jacob gun. - Because of the fish! Because of the shit! "The old man took his hand to the side and uncomfortable, how they beat the women, struck in the enveloped evil, crazy fog eyes. "Murderer!!!

Old Ефимка do not remember how dragged under the mouse рыбинспектора, as rolled the body over the side, he managed to start the engine red boat and ran to the city, as in ambulances rushed to the hospital, get the ball rolling bandages, helping the nurse, making here is, in a stretcher, a bandage. And only in the head, like an obsession, tossed the hot blood in his head: «because Of the fish! Because of the fish!»
...Yakov after the shot sat for a long time not пошевельнувшись, his hands over his face. 't need a river, don't need a boat, even myself Yakov he was somehow inappropriate, and dead fish, валяющаяся nearby, помахивающая to the beat of displaying a gap-toothed wave of large tail fin, really didn't need Yakov Petrovitch. If he had wanted, so it is to be with him now near Omelchenko. Yakov presented his eyes with an impudent cat excitement in the pupils, firm chin, an expression of grim. Yakov mentally on черточкам described in the imagination of the person, not thinking about рыбинспекторе, not thinking about consequences. Suddenly Yakov if in reality he saw a good-natured, soft and because of an unknown Omelchenko. He smiled, looking at James cheerful, calm eyes, and said with a hoarse voice: «Oh, Yakov Petrovitch! Not sturgeon I then sold on the market, as the black conscience. The sin of tenderly brushing a!»

Represented by Yakov face Omelchenko was distorted as in a distorting mirror. It broke, took unrealistic form, swinging horrible, pale, fantastic reflection of the image in the eyes closed Yakov Petrovich. This was not the face, and the wild extra long muzzle, similar to осетровую. There was a stupid hysterical laughter Omelchenko with a great effort, as before, when finished mallet fish.

«Хры, хры... - banged James has in his ears. Through the sinister laughter Omelchenko-sturgeon выпихивал out: " You, master, I sin left. Is it possible to live in half with sin? Хры, хры... But, master?" Smell in the boy shot?»

Yakov shuddered and opened his eyes. Somewhere anxiously cried in the last before Zorya hour a night bird, its slow intermittent cry flew over the reed flood plain. Jacob stared at the opposite, beginner Shine red зарницей dawn beach, the river, smoothly перебрасывающую wide water; his eyes found the gutted fish. Hand, with a chill that reached out to the fallen under the bench rifle. «Because I haven't lived! - пробуравила Jacob thought. - Looking at life more sweet, поздоровше pieces and swallowed. And to live a human being did not even manage!»

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