Different stories, tales, poems about fishing. Old and new stories from old almanacs and new magazines.

Усач увидел червяка,

Но не приметил уду,

Решил, теперь наверняка,

Обед себе добуду…

The predators.
- New the fishing inspector, to the execution began, - тонюсеньким voice managed a wizened old man.

- Another... " grinned thick-bearded fifty years old man in a white linen shirt. 'We'll see. Nitsche... - the Last word abruptly faded from his fleshy lips, as выплевывается a cigarette, if hands are full.
To me in this sleeping bag all summer spent леспромхозовский fisherman named Yum-yum. So it jokingly dubbed the cheerful and resourceful loggers for deep bad habit of chewing and shrill, from the enjoyment of the meal. But Yum-yum on them was not offended, saying that once a man is destined to enjoy the food, and the good that he enjoys, the more a man like him, a survivor of the hunger strike in the taiga and disappointment in the family life.

Николай Красильников

По последнему снегу

Сугробы повсюду,
А в сердце — весна.
Оляпкой ныряет
Под воду блесна.

Николай Красильников

Старый пруд

Водомерки линуют гладь,
И ведут хоровод стрекозы.
Старый пруд — ты моя тетрадь
Для стихов заветных и прозы.