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Tasty snacks than saline pike caviar for me for several years now simply does not exist. So is that a recipe for pickling pike caviar at everyone. More often, when dealing with fishermen, it appears that some just don't know how to prepare the pike caviar. It is necessary to talk, and then to receive gratitude from the new hooked on this truly delicious and healthy diet product - pike caviar.
Pike caviar and actually a useful dietary product. Judge for yourself, unlike sturgeon caviar (16% fat and 28% protein) and salmon caviar (11% fat and 35 % of protein), pike caviar contains not more than 1.5 % of fat. Also invaluable benefit to the human body have contained in pike caviar, such as vitamins A and D, iron, phosphorus and iodine. About useful properties pike caviar can talk a long time, but this is not the topic of this article, I will tell you how to pickle the pike caviar.

Recipe for pickling pike caviar simple enough, but to approach it with care and responsibility to get it right. The only disadvantage of clearing of caviar from the film. We need: pike caviar, for example 200 grams, usually such amount of caviar is a two-kilogram pike, a little more liters of water, salt, spices, for example, a mixture of pepper, and a little bit of sunflower oil. Tools required: not very sharp knife, fork, spoon, large and small bowl for pickling pike caviar, jar for storage, a colander and a piece of gauze.

When cutting pike, gently separate the ovaries with eggs and put them in a suitable Cup. Begin, perhaps, the most complicated operation and the most important. You'll be separated caviar from the film. There are many ways and let everybody do his way, as I do in the following way. Cut the ROE caviar 8-10 cm long, stick the knife in caviar along so that Astyk with caviar is hanging on a knife, cut the film and caviar is spread on the palm. If someone is not clear, then try to do it all will be clear. Take caviar film down on the palm of his hand so that the edge of her was on the index finger and carefully, slowly, trying not to tear film, blunt knife begin to peel the eggs in suitable container. The film should stick to fingers and as sciweek caviar from the finger, promote the remaining Astyk with caviar further, cleaned all the eggs from the film. This way we get a minimum of waste and wins my way. But if you have a pike caviar much then for the Department of film from caviar more suitable in another way - a way of separating the ovaries from caviar with the grinder. After all eggs will clean lying in a separate capacity, proceed to the next procedure.

Cooking salt solution in the ratio 1 tablespoon average grind salt, it is 30 grams to two liters of water. Water, put on fire and boil it. Caviar shifting into a large bowl and fill it with boiling salt solution for exactly five minutes. Salt water is poured into a ratio of approximately one to three, i.e. 200 grams of caviar pour 600 ml. While the expected time, fork stir the eggs and remove all unnecessary: pieces randomly remaining film, blood drops, if any, and another that mozolit eyes. After five minutes, pour out the water, holding caviar, that it together with the liquid is gone. Fused water is slightly turbid, not very clean. Immediately after new pour same amount of solution and stand for 20 minutes. Then, open the caviar in cheesecloth, which you can put in a colander. Fused water is already quite clean, and pike caviar, respectively, also clean and safe for human consumption. Thus, we pike caviar washed, cleared from possible bacteria or parasites and podarili. For the really paranoid, I can only recommend to process eggs in two stages, and in three or more, but for themselves in this sense I do not see, until all the glory to God. Waiting for 20-30 minutes, until caviar will give more of the water. For this gauze can be folded bag and hang to excess liquid glass faster. While pike caviar wrap around, you can prepare for caviar in glass jars with lids. So everything was according to Feng Shui, jars well washed, pour the boiling water, if possible sterilize them. Now, more than half the work done. Continue cooking pike caviar.

Put the garlic salt pike caviar in a suitable Cup. We pour the taste of spices as peppers, add sunflower oil in a proportion of about one hundred grams of caviar tablespoon butter or a little more, and it only remains to add salt to taste. A pinch of salt fork and begin to shake up eggs. From salt and butter eggs are still slightly thicken, little will change color and will be slightly lather. Beat caviar 10-15 or 20 minutes, passing adding salt to taste. Someone who likes the pike caviar more salty, and I did not much zeal in this matter and do not report much salt, here, too, the main thing is not to overdo it that everyone liked. And so that will appeal to anyone who likes caviar, I guarantee!
I repeat that the pike caviar in my opinion the best recipe we like it twice: the first time during treatment with boiling water, for the second time during the beating. And here and there the salt is necessary, otherwise, as it should not happen. After all performed transactions with pike caviar, we put her in a prepared the jar, close the lid or plastic, so it is not certwel and put it in the refrigerator for at least four hours, and the most impatient can start salted pike caviar immediately. Bon appetit!
Boronin Roman Nikolaevich