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17 April 2016.

Coordinates of pond GPS: Latitude 52°39'53"N (52.664777) Longitude 41°27'5"E (41.451512)

Pond: the Ponds of the fish farm Bokinskogo, paysite.

Province/region: Tambov district, Tambov oblast, Russia.

How to reach: By road Builder-Tambov ponds are to the right. The exit road right - on the dam separating the first and second pond, and I was left to the second pond.

Weather: in the morning +5 in the evening +13, pressure 750-751, southwest wind 4-5 m/s From early morning overcast, drizzle, to 5 o'clock, ended. Up to 12 days overcast, after the enlightenment and the night is quiet and clear.

Time: From morning to evening, from 5:30 to 17 hours.

About the pond: fish farm Bokinskiy. There now, if I am not mistaken three ponds, two of which allowed surcharge fishing. Fishing in the first pond (on the right) is 500 rubles for the whole day, in the second the price of 300 rubles for the whole day. Large ponds of depth 1.5-2 meters, I think, no obvious differences. 

What fish are in the pond: carp, crucian, ruff, perch, white Amur, silver carp, pike, roach.

Method of fishing: spinning for Two donkey, equipped with a spring-loaded nipples. Spinning rods and carp, come with a meal (maquette).

Than caught: Maquette stood all day in idle, however, accidentally caught one carp. In the result, catching only the nipples.

What caught: Of baits in the presence was only a maggot, I tried the foam balls, but they have not yet been caught (that year it was almost the main nozzle).

What pecked: Only maggots.

Bait: Steamed cake with millet, and a little bit of everything.

As bite: the Bite is weak, about an hour down the bite. In the afternoon, the bite has improved slightly.

The catches: 13 carp with an average weight of 250 gr. and 2 grass carp with a total weight of 4 kg.

The biggest fish: carp 450 gr., Cupid 2200.

How are other fishermen On the pond nor the second one fisherman nearby saw. The second pond is not very nibble: who are two, three carp, who, as one passer-by.

Read more about fishing: It's my second fishing trip on Bokinskogo paysite. The first time was able to visit these places in 2015-m to year. Friend Alexander last year got into the habit during the week twice to go in these places and one time I went with him. At the time, Sasha in addition to the carp I caught two good carp, one of which pulled more than 6 kg.

This year decided to hold the opening of the 2016 season liquid water on the paysite in Bokino. And at this time I was waiting for news from Sasha about biting on Bokinskogo ponds. Carp have long been caught, but Sasha does not call and does not ring, even the thought was to go down first, but called Alexander and said he was there. Bite, he says no, but carp 3200 still have. He pecked at a considerable distance from the shore on the cake. Well, a few carp, 200-300 g were also caught.

Tambov on the forum, already had spring reports Bokinskogo paysite about more or less successful fishing. Well, I guess I have to go. On the eve of Saturday spent the season spinning his coils maintenance as well as in the evening prepared the bait and imposed snap-ins. The goal was to catch at least one carp, and of passing though to catch a few carp. And he loves carp?! Well, we're not athletes, so the carp we have the most likes cake. Pieces of cake have long been ready, it remains only to drill holes for hooks. Made 6 feature makuch, to catch had planned for three, i.e. made extra in case, on the joyful occasion. For carp with the bait, too, without further ADO, a long thought. Steamed cake with the grain so dense, that when casting spring in the nipple did not collapse immediately, and was soaked and disintegrated in five minutes. The lure to these places checked by Alexander and works quite well. Also don't forgot to stop by the shop and buy maggots.

To sleep before the fishing failed - could not sleep. Well, not trouble, and not for the first spouse not to go fishing! Eat, coffee and go. Early morning wasn't greeted very kindly: there was drizzle and it was breezy with gusts sickly. The only thing that pleased, this singing of the morning birds of spring and the anticipation of the upcoming fishing hassle. Go far: from Kotovsk just over 15km. Drove the Builder and reducing speed, began to look where the Congress (from the year already and forgotten). Off the road and accidentally drive into a dam. Well, realizing that you have passed your turn, you still stop to approach the fishermen. But fishermen already full, though the dawn is yet to come. Ask where the pond is over 300: this or the following. Get a logical answer and going back.

Place randomly chose the same thing, where we fished last year, I just sat down on Cascina place. There a little wider, and if the carp bite, it will be easier to deal with it. The only thing awkward, is a steep descent from the road to the fishing place, and the fact that sitting knee-deep in water – it's not scary.

The rain was over. Things are all deflated. Spinning rods are uncovered. In General, everything is assembled quickly. First installed the stand, assembled the net while abandoned three rods for carp with the cake. Then set it and nipples. I must say that the local pound carp love these snap-ins: nipples, tube, etc. But today, in addition to the foam balls, to hooks and also planted the maggots. Will look at that more takes, but we'll see. I will say in advance that later, from nozzles generally removed the foam, because there was almost no bites.

And here I sit almost an hour, a couple of races something pulled, but how should not take. The cane began to move the carp. And who saw, that knows how to ... see how the fish practically under the feet of walking, playing, jumping, but not biting. Once seen as one of the fishwives spat on the floats and climbed to catch these carp with his hands. I chuckled, but after a few moments came out of the reeds with a large carp in his hands. I have not grinned, and gazed in surprise at the further actions of the fisherman. And he went in the water knee-deep and Surudi hands under water. At the time, unknown to me, the fisherman caught several carp is not less than a pound each. Now, remembering the case, the sound is not a joke carousing carp, I went to a place behind a tree to catch these jerks. A couple of times touched the hands of big bully, but failed to catch. Slightly cooled down by the heat, went back to his seat and, coming up to his place saw that my spinning got abusivi is in the water. The fraction of a second and my hand bent in an arc telescope. The fish resists very even. I already went into the water in wading boots at the very best, and the fish are not suitable. Like a rocket, falling down from space in one direction and then the other, spins the clutch coil. What the fish was almost immediately clear - so carp does not revolt, is Amour. With another cast of Cupid flies into my net and now he was sitting on kucanice, and the spinning charged with nipples and planted overcame abandoned.

Spring report Bokinskogo paysite

Mood immediately improved, and even drove up controllers do not spoil the mood of the collection of tribute. The bite of Cupid was at 7 o'clock, and before eight already caught a couple of carp, one of which pulled on the 450g. Anticipating a long day of fishing represent a full tank cupids, carp, carp fish... But something keeps mum, not caught. At 10 o'clock there was a another savory bite of the Amur river on the maggot, but I was ready this time and managed to catch the spinning that bullet flew out of the stands. This unit was a little larger than the former, but coped with it faster I already, have affected the success of the first bite and I was vivarelli coolly. The second Cupid joined the first on cook.

What are maquette and keep quiet? Starts to shiver the idea to throw maquette, check them out – not crumbled do the cake. But then you see one spinning, right, Derg, Derg. Heart in my mouth, don't breathe... wait. And that all and yo yo. Relieved. Understand what happened. Just in case, hooked, and loads of small carp, which is hung on the hook on which to experiment, I planted flavored Styrofoam peanuts. Well, you still wanted to throw. Maksatic not particularly soaked, leave it as is, just a ball of foam removed, to prevent a repetition. Scored closer to the shore. Serene moved slightly and the other two mamasadykov rods. Day, by 12 o'clock weather razvalilas and sit became more fun. On the machine behind the special has not been paying attention - accustomed to, and the high Bank protected not only from wind, but from the sounds of the city. Crucian carp was caught, not often, but there were. Tried to throw the tube with foam, but thought better nipple and gave up – time, the campaign has not come yet.

Spring fishing in the fish farm Bokinskogo 

At 5 PM there was another bite of grass carp, but this was much larger than the former. Wow he gave my ass two times even jumped out of the net. To keep his powerful shots were just not possible my tackle and squeezed the clutch doesn't mind, when carp rushed into the thick cane. The feeder caught on an old rigid cane and Cupid was free. Loud swearing over the water, thinking someone was me!... Exhaled, took a deep breath, it seemed that I wasn't breathing when it was happening. Was cooled quickly, even stydnovato was to himself, that gave way to swearing, like the experience behind it is not small. Well, just the first fishing this season, I see the point. Glanced down at himself, chuckling, Cupid a couple of times I was filled with water when jumping out of the net, darted off in the reeds. That's good, as they wanted to live, happy for him!

Until the evening caught another small carp and, already, as the sun began to set over the horizon, began to gather and I. Tired, happy even forgot what I planned to catch carp, but fishing took place without him!!!

General summary: the opening of the season was a success. Larger catch, I didn't have calmly sat down and experimented with snap-ins, and native fish have indulged.

Boronin Roman Nikolaevich,
Kotovsk city.