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November 17, 2015
The closing of the open-water season of 2015. The River Lesnoy Tambov.

The coordinates of the pond by GPS: ***.

Reservoir: reservoir Kotovsky, the snags, the area of Humpback bridge in the Forest of Tambov.

Province/region: Tambov region, Rasskazovsky district.

Road description: From the city of Kotovsk, via LKZ, then into the woods. Forest road, near ptelea right to the sea.

Weather: -1 , wind 2-3 meters.

Time: from 8 to 13 days.

On the water: the Mainstream of Forest Tambov to Kotovsk reservoir, snags.

Method of fishing: Spinning throw.

Than caught: Spinning.

What was fishing: Wobbler, jig.

Bait: -.

That is caught: the Perch, pike.

As pecked: weak Bite, but the bites were. Had pocivalo.

My catch 3 pike weighing about a kilogram and 15 Okounkov about a hundred grams each.

The biggest fish: pike 950 gr. perch 140 gr.

What were eating: what were catching on and pecked. Garlic worked mega strike.

How are other fishermen: Fishermen a lot, the two caught the pike and perch. Didn't bite anybody.



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17 November 2015, many have already closed the summer season, and unit, the most impatient and bold, and has already managed to catch the first bass of the ice. But where it is seen that the first ice up and melt. And here the water is liquid again and I, despite the snow and freezing temperatures are going to catch pike in Kotovsk reservoir. Despite the fact that the pond is known to me, out of habit, the bait taking almost everything: plugs, cicadas, rubber, spinnerbejtov. Plan your tactics in advance. Will start fishing in shallow water, if pike isn't there, go to the channel and will hurt happiness through the jig. Perhaps it would be reasonable to begin fishing from the river bed, but knowing these places, you know that late autumn pike is not all goes back in the mainstream, and it is often possible to catch in shallow water, snags, especially in cloudy weather, at depths up to one meter.


In the morning a light frost. Expensive admiring the night winter forest. Wood is really a winter, enough snow to completely cover the ground. Necessarily aware that fishing in open water may last this year. This is a little sad, always want more and more to come to these places to swim on the snags, and striped toothy fish. Driving up to the Parking lot, the sadness quickly dissipated, being replaced with good mood in anticipation of fishing. As the saying goes: "just approaching". Almost run to get into the water to see if there is ice. Yay! The shore ice is not, and so we will be on any open water.


Quickly pumped up the boat, put the gear mesh transom wheels, so as not to drag the three-meter favorite for yourself. While going, drive more fishermen. Hello, guys, recently, caught five jacks. This is not the limit for these places and this time of year, especially for local, of which I am one, have been very successful. To water need to go about 50 meters, you have to make two trips. The mood of the class! All do almost jumps, can't wait to feel the bite. Here's the boat on the water. I recall that the pocket camera and would not hurt a bit to take pictures, still think of the first snow. Always wanted to go fishing with a partner, who would love not only to fish but also to take pictures, but somehow it fused...


The closing of the open-water season of 2015. Kotovsky reservoir.


To the planned place to swim a little more than 800 meters. They assessed the situation. Ahead of hard snags and I usually get around it on the left side, but this time I looked, and there ice. Right ice no – go in the wrong direction. Electric light vibration with a barely audible rustling, the boat sails to the planned place, and along the way I collect favorite rod.


The closing of the open-water season of 2015. Lesnoy Tambov.


My Aiko - Baltasar II 185L't let me on for two and a half years: spinning is ideal for twitching is not very big wobblers, and bad throws baits, such as jig, 2.5 grams. The versatility of this rod I would say, off the charts. Cheap Ryobi Ecusima the thousandth the size, too, never failed on reliability and will wipe your nose expensive models. The tackle is assembled.


The closing of the open-water season of 2015. The snags on the Kotovsky reservoir.


Having approached the bed of the river Lesnoy Tambov, find that it is almost all covered with ice, and behind him, on the other side, where he planned to begin fishing, ice is also almost everywhere. However, there are open spaces, and I decide to fish them. A week ago suchany yet come across it. The depth is not more than a meter, one of my favorite lures begins to warm the water. Dead Tsuribito minnow is great for these places. This Wobbler his leisurely sweeping the game with a shallow dip is seduced in these places more than a dozen pikes to bite. So this time I was waiting for him miracle. But miracles didn't happen. No, Wobbler is great, just no fish here, pike is gone. But look for it on melacom not possible because of its thick crust of ice.


The closing of the open-water season of 2015. Fishing Lesnoy Tambov.


Parabuchev just over an hour and Oblomov a few places, back to the track to catch on the jig. Pike is there for sure but there are many snags that hinder fishing. I go to the track, swim to the hole at the "Humpback bridge". There is a more comfortable place for the jig, that is pure, a jig you can knock on the bottom without fear of a dead hook. I put Tioga, and literally on the third cast a light blow. Cuttings, and a small, but very evil pike, not forgetting to make a candle fit to the boat. Taking her jaw trapping and predator in the boat. Then a few more bites of small perch, some of which returns home, and part goes to the pike for Smoking.


The closing of the open-water season of 2015


The River Lesnoy Tambov


Catch interesting, though sometimes you have to weigh anchor and sail to save the lure, but here it is in the order of things. More trouble delivers a light frost, from which cold ring spinning, and even if the tip of the rod dipped in water for a few seconds, frozen rings don't want to thaw. The perches pecking, but not constantly as would be the outputs. Several times I caught three in a row on a perch, and sometimes a throw after throw not brought not a single bite. And so, when in Kleve there was another pause, I remember that house a few days ago prepared for experiment one activator. Well, how prepared? just pressed a little bit of garlic juice, and stir it with the ointment Mega Strike. I must say that previously, some time ago at one competition distributed for testing lures one unknown until we have company, and so these jigs are much, very much radiating the smell of garlic and the bite was fantastic, Tioga did not compete. Those baits quickly ended, and buy them nowhere in Russia do not sell. But here we have garlic in bulk, therefore, it is necessary to try. You know that mega strikes also have a garlic version of its activator, and maybe I next year get to try, and so far dissapointed. In General, the bite was much better, and how to order one for one caught two more pike from different sides. Perch bite is now not abated, striped robber was caught even kosagovskii Maskot. So adopting: perch and pike is not even skips past the garlic.


Perch on the Kotovsky reservoir


Activator mega strike with garlic


By mid-afternoon swim to another place to perch, but also small whales, there is nothing failed to catch. Until the evening decided not to stay and by one o'clock swam to the shore. Smoked took three caught Surat of gold and fifteen perches. Here is turned the closure of the open-water season of 2015.


Perch on kosadaka mascot


Small pike on Forest Tambov


Schupak on Tioga


Greedy perch


Perch on Tioga


Late autumn on the river Lesnoy Tambov


The catch on the Kotovsky reservoir


Thanks for reading my report!


Boronin Roman Nikolaevich,