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Date of fishing: May 3, 2013 Coordinates the pond GPS: N52 ° 36.997 ', E41 ° 28.063'.
Water: Lake Acid (by Navitel), or some fishermen can hear the name of this place as Pine, ie, where were you? - On a pine tree.
State / Province: Tambov region.
Route description: The exit road at Bokinskogo the bridge on the right side of the river Cna. Weather: 5 early in the morning, in the afternoon to +21. Pressure 754, south wind 5 m / s.
The catch: from 7 am to 7 pm.
On the water: a small lake. Previously, for more than two decades, there was mined sand, and a few years he was lying there on the beach in huge quantities, happened volokesh on it is great, matyukatsya ... later taken away the sand and there is now on the banks of the dense vegetation. But it is not so important, more important that the pond, relatively, very deep, up to about 10 meters. Caught bream, perch, roach, rudd, pike. Perhaps you can catch all the rest of the fish, which is in Tsna, we ought to try for catfish. But for me, this place is interesting, first of all, a major spring carp. Often, individuals caught up to 500-800 grams. Behind him here in the spring, and summer, at times, come, good close to home. The lake is like two small parts: the first lake is straight from the road and the second lake - through the narrow strait.
The method of fishing: At the bottom of the float.
What caught: float rod.
At that caught: worm, maggot.
Bait: steamed cake, feed, and a handful of other components, plus the addition of Tutti-Fruity.
What caught: Caught spring carp.
How pecked: Biting is bad, per hour in a teaspoon, as they say.
My catch: 5 carp: 400, 300, 200 gr. and two small, the total weight of just over one kilogram. + A couple dozen small krasnoperok and krasnoglazok.
The biggest fish: Carp 400 gr.
At that pecked: It's hard to say which is better because of the small number of bites. Well, caught on maggot and worm. By IMHO necessarily need a worm.
How are other fishermen: Fishermen much biting at all bad. To this day, there was a good bite, said one fisherman. He said that today at all bad, it was not like that in this year, I see not the first time this year Rybalov here.

Read more about fishing: Gismeteo not happy their ugadkami. Choose a day of fishing, I decided to go on May 3, the weather promised a quiet, calm day is not stronger than 3 m / s. Fishing the first and already delayed this year on the open water. Long thought to go, did not want to travel far because of a temporary financial problem. Choose from two reservoirs: Kotovskoe sea, ie Reservoir and Lake Acidity, or as some call these places "of the pine trees." The reservoir in the spring often goes big carp up to a kilogram or more, but there is to know where to go, and I'm on a pine tree in the other races had not been successfully caught. On many never caught, but caught a nice bream. In general, I decided there.
On the eve of the afternoon nap of negligence and therefore could not sleep at night, sat at the computer all night, at the same time set up a new four-meter fly-rod. Dyuzha early on the lake at this time of the year there was nothing, so collected was only at five o'clock, when the street was already light. How long will fish, did not know, so took a lunch: bacon, boiled eggs and tea. It is difficult to gather on the first fishing trip, constantly seem to forget something, well, sort of going, came out of the house, got in the car and within five minutes of moving out of the way to the coveted mountain lake. Gn and on the water, i.e. which usually slid off the road to a little cut across the field to the water meadows. Well, never mind, turned and moved around Bokinskogo bridge. The road is normal, the second peredachke reach the outskirts of the old place. Beautiful! .. A pile of fishermen, already sitting at the water really surprised, did not expect to see so many wanting to catch big carp spring. Just seemed to me that here begins popozdnee nibble a bit. Although the thought, I realized that what I was late, spring carp has long caught throughout the area, and many ponds very well. Did not like that recently someone Pozega dry reeds and reed friendly places without ash diminished. The place chosen quickly, conveniently located, well, do not forget that high chair. Beautiful! Silence, only occasionally passing cars on the highway a bit annoying.

Spring carp in the Tambov region

Set up the fishing rods, fishing lures. No bites. Yes, I have them and did not expect much, to be honest. After half an hour, decided to catch a half-waters, as well bite rudd with krasnoglazkoy. Well, as long as you can catch one rod and melochevochku, biting really very nice. Nadergano-twenty, then got up and went to the breeze ripples, rudd calmed down. Picking up the rigging shepherd boy, and thereby increasing the distance between the hook and sinker, waited for the big carp. The first bite at ten o'clock. Karas at 300 grams, fine, take it podsachikom. The new fishing rod handles beautifully. I'm happy. Then another one. Then he missed the bite. And in twelve hours, after dinner, I tend to start, you had to take a nap for an hour or two, had not slept for more than a day. I am confident that every fisherman fell asleep for this wonderful pastime, and why would not take a nap, we are not in competition, and on vacation. In general, I fussed on a chair like the one Sid the sloth on a rock, up to 16 hours. Then, having drunk a cup of tea, woke up and waited for the evening bite. Evening bite was not, but one spring carp 400 grams is still caught. Seven o'clock, and quickly got back home. In Yaloveni drove po-nad river through the gardens, there is much closer, just all the way to the first, second gear. That's the first fishing on the open water this year.

Executive Summary:
That started a summer fishing. Let them late, but a pleasure. In this day-in-law has caught a lot of small carp in a pond, and here I am five of them close to home, but no! Spring carp in the lake is very tasty, strong, pleasant, be sure to visit the lake this year and more than once.
On the spring carp

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