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On the last ice for carp. Fishing Reports for 30-31 The coordinates of the pond for GPS: N52 ° 09.254 ', E41 ° 33.079'.
Pond: Pond Don Field.
Region / district: Tambov region, Sampursky area.
How to get there: On the road to the M6 ​​517 km turn right, then right, then a left and right. The village eat will turn to the left at 90 degrees, and we eat right, moved down to the asphalt. We drove past the building, then over the dam, and right by the water tower. Next Dam and our pond.
Weather: +0, wells almost freezing, cloudy, wind southeast six meters per second, not pleasant.
The catch: in the morning to 12 days, and then machine-gun nibble as bran.
On the pond: Pond is not particularly large, the depth of about 3 meters, can somewhere deeper. Summer never fished only on the last ice for carp, so can not say anything about the vegetation. We ought to pay a visit this summer, just once, catch crucian. Don Pond Field in Alexandrovka Sampursky district of Tambov region. Koryazhny next to which we go to catch pike. All winter here quietly got caught carp with varying success. Surprisingly the best bite has been in the frost and thaw in the biting stopped. Carp are not large, up to 60-70 grams. In the summer, even when no longer carp caught in other ponds, here for a special skill you can catch it anyway.
The method of fishing: the float.
What caught: Caught winter float rod, three.
What caught: With a crank and a worm and maggot dung harvested since autumn. Caught at all, but more on bloodworms.
Bait: Homemade bait used.
What caught: He caught carp.
As pecked: Peck as never good, but not for long.
My catch of 50 carp for frying, just over 2.5 kg and two live bait: a carp gudgeon.
The biggest fish: Carp 70g.
What pecked: pecking at everything and bloodworms, and worms, and maggots.
How are other fishermen who have one who has three crucian, in general it is not pecked at anybody.

More about fishing: were approaching weekend. I knew that this would be the last ice, ice fishing is the last on the ice, because the weather forecast promised dramatic warming, so next week will hardly go on the ice. It was supposed to go for two weekends every Saturday, but since Saturday I almost did not catch, and I decided to go on Sunday.

On the ice fishermen, but all fish klyuetV general, Saturday slept for half an hour and came to the pond, where people were already done. We all went, drilled, but carp was none. Do not bite! Even the elderly couple, which last fishing catch carp at least bucket for two, sat with zero. Well, that and I also went, drilled, fed her, he had a bite that was photographed, but the bite did not see the evening. last ice

fishing at a nearby pond Burnachek

The middle of the day went to a nearby pond on perepruzhennuyu Burnachek river, where the fall is well caught pike, and in winter to catch roach perch. Sexual there and not seeing a single bite, I went back in the hope that by the evening winter carp activated. Coming back to the pond, and went away, and caught there, next to reeds some winter carp. In general, I have seen through it. All caught on a two-meter depth, and Karasik was under the ice at a depth of 20 centimeters.

On the way home reasoned way. It is necessary to arrive tomorrow and catch carp, so unbecoming to end the winter season.

The next day came to a pond near the first. Just three Fisher ahead of me already descending from the dam to the ice. I primekom past all the far bay, saw him yesterday, a few fishermen, who were sitting at a small depth and does not bursting into battle, they did not run across the pond as the others, probably nicking there karasik.lovlya winter carp on the float rod

Drilled near the reeds, made three wells. Decided first to catch carp, to be sure that it is there, and then the lure. Carp caught almost immediately. Pulled out of the house ThermaTote harvested bait and some fishing lures. Well that Lures only two wells, decided to catch in two, and the third type to be. In general, the machine gun was biting, but only out of the hole in which no lure. In consequence at all has changed on her and caught carp in one well. In other pecked too, but very rarely. Moth had a little, and his condition was, so to speak, is deplorable. But still decided to Dolov bloodworms, money for him Well crying, and then continue on to the worm and maggots. By the way, the worm and maggots pecked too well, but only for as long as a crank. Crank over and biting how to cut. No matter what. At about 11 my hole was about fifty and a bunch of other carp fishermen trying to catch, but no one bite. He caught up to half past, the hour was no bites at all. Packed up and moved home. Last ice fishing this winter's satisfaction, and it is in that moment was for me the most vazhnoe.Za winter carp

Executive Summary:

Last spring fishing this winter for winter carp is good!

PS: March 3 on the river began tide, the water rose to three meters, and maybe more. SALE postponed until next winter, ice screws knives sharpened and lubricated. We look forward to next winter now, and ahead of us and tench and carp and crucian carp, and catfish, pike and other predatory fish. Fisherman: No tail, no scales!

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