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Конкурсы следующие:
1.Лучший отчет о рыбалке.
Приз: Плетеный шнур.
Условия участия: тут.
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Report on fishing in the Tambov region

Report on fishing in the Tambov region to help fishermen from Tambov and the surrounding communities to learn about where a bite of this or that place, on what fish and how to come to the pond, do not think "fish or swim from the depths of the reeds to fastidious carp to fish. "Do not be shy or lazy to write about the place and method of fishing and fish enough for all sites, help each other with the choice of the reservoir, where to go next weekend to go fishing. And, sure, if you helped the information in this section, help, and other fishermen not to be mistaken with a choice of places to go fishing, write a report on their fishing in the Tambov region. The fishermen of the Tambov region - unite!

Дата рыбалки: 7 июля 2013