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Fishing Reports

In this section we will publish reports about fishing fishermen from different regions and areas. This information will be interesting for our brother. For those who would like to support this project, who want to place in our own report about fishing, ask you to send the application form in the section "Contacts"(the menu at the top of the site, for those who are oriented). In the nearest time a moderator will contact you and will discuss conditions. Report about fishing it is desirable to draw as well as those that are already posted on the site. Permanent authors, in consequence, will give the opportunity to write reports about fishing without moderation. Not superfluous will be suggestions for improving this section.
PS: don't punish, what is so difficult. A little погожа will make things easier.


Открытый чемпионат города Котовска по зимней блесне 16.03.2019 

In 2019, the Kotovskoye reservoir almost does not please angling enthusiasts with the stable cool minke whales, and even the athletes in the euh from such a bite. Some teams, knowing that the fish is not caught and it is possible not to see even one bite for training, refused to train at all before the Open Championship of the City of Kotovsk in winter lure. Our team "Favorite" as part of Sergey Tafintsev, Mikhail Merkulov and me, Boronin Roman, managed to go to the training session only once a day before on Friday to have an action plan on Saturday.