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Не пойман не вор. Французская кинокамедия с Луи Де ФюнесомДавно искал этот фильм и вот нашел. Смотрите.

homemade transom wheels for boat PVCI decided to tell the readers of my site about my homemade transom wheels for boat PVC hinged transom. Boat PVC hinged transom have a length of not more than three meters and if for small boats, wheels are not needed, for my three-meter boats with soles-book wheels even very helpful for lowering it into the water and back.

 Fisherman's day

Every summer, on the second Sunday of July we celebrate a truly long-awaited holiday for our brother fisherman fisherman's Day.

The world day of fishery. Holiday on 27 June
Every year on 27 June we celebrate the world Day of Fishery. Unlike other "day of the fisherman", which is celebrated in Russia every second Sunday of July, the festival aims to ensure that the public paid attention to the problems associated with fishing, poaching, uncontrolled harvesting of ocean biological resources of different countries. It is clear that the earth's population is growing, the technical aspect of world fisheries is also not necessary on a place, - all this in time led to a serious loss of weight of the world's fish resources. And here in the early 80-ies these problems start to work.
Today the company Tsuribito very popular on the Russian market. This popularity came primarily due to the lures Tsuribito. The most experienced and beginners, spinnings known and successfully used for various spinning fishing such models wobblers, Tsuribito as Ded Minnow, Baby Crank, Pencil, Jerkbait, Jerk Pop, Hard Minnow and another great bunch of other popular models.