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Для донной ловли рыбы мы используем красных червей и опарыша, которые являются самыми популярными наживками. Черви насаживаются стандартно. Для донной ловли рыбы мы используем либо одного крупного червя либо пучек мелких.

Fishinginthe cold seasonis very interesting and hasits own characteristics. Many anglerspreferit iswinterand notsummerfishing.If you decideto fishfrom the ice, you should knowthat the preparationshould be thorough.Need to prepare in advanceeverything you needfor winter fishing.
Особенности русской зимней рыбалки
Fishing is fun, interesting hobby and a good time outdoors. It is summer and winter, freshwater and marine, for it can be used a variety of gear and methods of fishing. There are several types of fishing, but first of all applied methods and techniques depend on what fish you plan to catch. So are the different types of fishing for peaceful or for predatory fish.
Types of fishing

To start is to understand the concept of spinning. This type of fishing gear that consists of rods with guides and a reel of fishing line. When this fishing gear appeared armed with the fishermen, it was manufactured only retractable. When casting bait reel revolved. The last types of fishing rods are available with spinning reels. They are much more complicated in design, expensive in price, but are in great demand among fishermen. All modern spinning by weight, very light and durable. They are made of carbon fiber or metal, covered with fiberglass. Relatively cheap types consist of spinning telescopic fishing rods.

How to choosea gift to her husbandisa fisherman? What to give to a fan ofsummer or winterfishing? Thanavidfishermanforfisherman's Day, 23 February, birthdayor New year?