Все о рыбалке

 с похмелья на рыбалке очень хреноваНаш очень хороший сатирик говорил, что алкоголь в малых дозах безвреден в любом количестве. Так вот эта статья для тех, кто относится к этой шутке буквально. Многие из нас не один рас, на утро после рыбацкого ужина на природе, чувствовали мучительную головную боль и головокружение, жажду, тошноту и такое самочувствие на желудке, что хуже некуда. Так вот это, для тех, кто не понял, и есть похмелье.

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Talk about a few ways to make the dough for fishing. In General, if you are on the fishing ask another fisherman «on the hunt», and in response you will get «the dough», that you should not talk about anything. The fact that the dough is different: the dough is easy from wheat flour, dough from wheat flour, dough of the meal crumb, the dough from the peas, from millet, from Hercules of fuck knows what. That's it! It is clear in this case, only the fact that the fisherman catches on vegetative nozzle «white» fish. So, I'm in my practice, using the following types of the уловистой nozzle: the dough for fishing from flour, dough for fishing of decoys or easier Munk for fishing (this in another article), bread crumb, stirred of flour. Is caught in the dough all white fish.
I remember with my father we went on bicycles at one, familiar only to us and some on, swamp to get motylja. The father then came in shorts and shoes to the waist in water, in the hands of the he had specially made device for washing and I, motylja, being quite a child, remained on the Bank. Device was a large ladle, a long wooden handle was attached from the metal rod on which the ring was fixed by metal mesh, with the cell, somewhere in the 3-4 mm. Dad scooped them with silt, then vymyval it, how much it turned out. Then hold the bucket over the water, submerged it in water, and again, fast obsohšij motyl pop up and found himself in a special box-motyl′nicu. This operation with a raised mud he did several times, then made it to shore, and I already from the remnants of silt and grasses chose motylja. This work was laborious, though very interesting, though, probably only interesting for me. Later, as an adult, I extracted the motylja.
Now I'm no longer my hip waders. You can buy it cheaply in each city. And here's how to store motylja, for many still remains a mystery. The thing that makes this all differently and inexperienced fisherman, having listened to a dozen recommendations, cannot figure out how to best store and fly-fishing.

Август выдался жаркий. Солнце было таким ярким и нещадным. Что проникало во все уголки нашего горного поселка. В такую жару человек тянется к прохладе воды, свежему ветерку. А мы ждали приезда брата. И вот этот день настал. Мы едем к морю!

Путь в сто пятьдесят километров до берегов Бухтарминского водохранилища покрываем на одном дыхании – скорее, скорее.

Брат – рыболов с раннего детства – всю дорогу рассказывает диковинные рыбацкие истории. Ему вторит и изрядно преувеличивает его десятилетний сын.

Мы не были рыболовами. Водохранилище мы звали морем и стремились к нему, чтобы просто отдохнуть. Но вот, наконец, и бескрайние зеленовато-голубые просторы. Солнце искрится и переливается на поверхности воды, отражаясь сотнями слепящих бликов.

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Well, when you go fishing at the same pond where they caught a week ago. About already know where to choose a place for fishing and approaching the catching place, inside cherish the hope that your lured last week the place was not busy. But what about when you took me to a strange place? Many anglers remember the confusion when you think "can I sit here or there can go". Young inexperienced fishermen there to give advice to pay attention to experienced professionals.

Experienced fishermen will never sit anywhere, thinking that the bait will still come fish, and choose a suitable place for fishing. On-good it is necessary, at least visually explore the pond: to pay attention to the topography of the shore, the power of the current to estimate the depth of the reservoir in a particular place. Don't forget about the weather conditions. After all, depending on weather factors, the fish changes its location.