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Rules of publication of the links in our directory:

  1. In the catalog are accepted by the web sites of similar subjects
  2. The reference to a site profishermen.ru you have on your site should be not more than two steps away from the main page of the
  3. The reference will be visible to people and search engines, please do not deceive
  4. Backlinks are periodically checked, so delete them do not need to
  5. If you delete or move the link to the site, it is necessary to inform the administrator profishermen.ru about this
  6. Your website should have ТИЦ10 or more
  7. Your link should be однолинковой, i.e. if you have a link in the body of the description of the site, banner, in his presence will stand without links
  8. The size of your banner should be 88*31 or be it should not
  9. It is recommended that the description of your site to make a length of not less than 350 characters, the text better than the original, a link in the body of the description, and not the entire text, " it is in the interests and your site.
  10. On the main page of your site should stand is indexed link to your directory, i.e. approach to link to from the main page should be and must be visible to people and search engines.
  11. The final decision on the publication of the links in the directory takes the administrator and in rare cases may refuse without explanation of reasons.

If You're satisfied with these rules, I will be glad to cooperate. If you are not satisfied with something, write to us - we'll talk.
The connection through the section Contacts, in the subject line write "Exchange links".
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