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It is believed that in the heat of summer Pike can be fished, but only early in the morning and in the evenings, when the Sun is not firing, as during the day. Happiness is the way it is, but all the same day and hunt for klykastoj. Look at this time of day it should be under the canopy of overhanging trees, above the water under the boat berths, under lopuškami, in short is a Pike in the shade. I'm not a forty-degree heat was extracting ŝurât of these here are shaded seating. Pike in the summer really likes such an ambush.
Undoubtedly, the best equipment for the fishing in the summer will be snastočka with o died fish. Modifications of such snastoček a lot, and I take more than one snap. Fish use small size, usually about 12-15 cm long. Usually fish in advance: zagotavlivaû small plotvichek tombstone in cellophane and run beside her around in the refrigerator. Catch is from a boat. Can do in a meter and a half of water lilies, wait for some time to snastočka a little zaglubilas′, and a gentle spurts raise fish to the top. Pike's grasp if it nearby, usually takes place on the second or third post. Longer than eight to ten minutes on one place and am looking for new is not the point. Then, as the saying goes, the Wolf legs fed. The more places obloviš′, the more chance of success.

Just don't forget the summer pike fishing lure. In such circumstances, catching me personally more sympathetic light spoons. If not a quick posting such blesenki as if tossing from side to side, reflecting the sunlight. I really enjoyed catching on a kind of trolling-nezaceplâjku with a single crochet. The antennae are the spinners as they decrease the likelihood of the circlip for anything. And one hook is much stronger and more reliable prosekaet fish when hungry. Bait nezaceplâjka with spur-mustache and one krûčkomZabros need to try to make a meter or two from the border shadow. Take a summer Pike more often occur as the races on the edge of the shadow, cm 40. But it is, as far as the densely shaded plot, as if a shadow is created with shrubs or trees, there's no need to guess, experiment.

So, if you are able to carve out a little time out of the day, take the time to uncover the rods and go in search of his fisherman's case, even in the summer. Now we know where to look for the klykastuû razbojnicu.

Boronin Roman Nikolaevich

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