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To start is to understand the concept of spinning. This type of fishing gear that consists of rods with guides and a reel of fishing line. When this fishing gear appeared armed with the fishermen, it was manufactured only retractable. When casting bait reel revolved. The last types of fishing rods are available with spinning reels. They are much more complicated in design, expensive in price, but are in great demand among fishermen. All modern spinning by weight, very light and durable. They are made of carbon fiber or metal, covered with fiberglass. Relatively cheap types consist of spinning telescopic fishing rods.

Spinning is suitable for catching fish at a greater distance from the shore. Far cast is due to the heavy bait. They can be spinners, wobblers, twisters or shads. Spinning is good for catching predatory fish. We recommend you to buy a spinning Salmo - this is quite a popular brand that you can find in any store near your home.

Lures for spinning.

There is a huge selection of lures. Consider each type separately:

  1. The spoon — a metal plate that can be equipped with one or several hooks. Hooks can be masked and have a hole for the fishing line. Baubles can be made in the form of fish or any other creatures, such as insects, leeches or frogs.
    The spoon
  2. Fibroblast is a small artificial fish with a flat tail. Such bait is soft and elastic. All the characteristics are maintained at a temperature below ten degrees. Preferably used for catching predatory fish.
  3. Wobblers — volume bait. Attract predators by their behavior in water.
  4. The mouse is another lure for spinning. In size and appearance it resembles a real mouse. The materials are wood and polymers that can swim well.
  5. Spinnerbait — a small area of wire, the upper corner of which is equipped with a rotating petal.
  6. Twister — another lure that doesn't resemble a fish. Made of soft polymeric materials.Twister

How to choose a good spinning.

For an enjoyable and productive fishing you need to select the spinning reel according to all requirements and regulations. Here is a brief instruction:

  1. You need to evaluate the choice of successful fishermen. If you prefer the same fishing spot, you should talk to old-timers who know what equipment is suitable for these waters.
  2. If you need to choose, you should not buy the first. For this purpose we refer to the stores, compare the features, price and appearance. Only then can you choose suitable spinning.
  3. When buying you should study the material from which made the spinning. Preference should be given to carbon-fibre. Length should be 2 to 3 meters.
  4. Important the material of the handle from spinning. It can be made of cork or neoprene.
  5. Under the reel seat, you need to buy the coil.
  6. The rings on the spinning must be without defects.

Technique and methods of fishing with a spinning.

For good results fishing spinning need to be familiar with the technique for spinning fishing. Some good gear is not enough to master spinning wiring. You need to be able to withdraw the spoon. A variety of techniques of fishing you need to choose the one that suits for any kind of bottom of the reservoir, fish activity and other diverse factors. Let's start with the most common and necessary ways:

  • Uniform wiring. Ideal for fishermen with experience and newcomers. Done with line and reel. All the movements are smooth without any jerks. If you need to catch fish in shallow water, it is preferred quick post. If the bottom waters, the transaction will be at a slower speed, but it is likely to cling to the grass or other obstacles.
  • Irregular posting. Using it you can adjust the speed, pause, or acceleration. Sudden movements allow the stronger fish to grab the bait. You can pick up any bait.
  • Speed posting. As soon as the lure sinks to the bottom, begin to lift it. The pause between the raising and the stop should not exceed 20 seconds. Optimal movement 4 turns of coil, 4 seconds, stop.
  • Posting on the demolition of the water flow. You need to choose the right bait by weight. If the bait is too heavy, then the course will not be able to pull it down. Light is not suitable, it will hang away from the bottom. You need to choose the best bait by weight so that she could safely move without touching on the bottom.
  • Wiring method jumps. This method of fishing is suitable for a lazy fish. Is sharp movement to removing the bait from the bottom of the reservoir 15 see This type of transaction requires a large investment of time.
  • The twitching is another way of wiring jerks. This is a short spinning no more than 2.4 meters with braided fishing line. Transaction is different jerks that allows you to simulate the movements of a wounded fish, and lure the predator.
  • Jig the wiring is done only on the hard spinning and braided fishing line. This wiring can be of several types: uniform, speed, jumping, aggressive and demolition.
  • The classic harness is one of the varieties using a jig. Only happens fast, with the help of the coil. Once the bait reaches the bottom doing about 6 turns coil, then a pause no more than 8 seconds, then drop for about 2 seconds, and so repeat until the end — up to the shores.
  • Slow retrieve — passes for sluggish fish to bite. In this method use the smallest cargo weighing not more than 7 grams. But there is a small minus, light lure hard felt.

Kinds of fishing lures.

These lures have a large number of ways and methods of transactions. The result from each method of fishing will depend not only on the weather and time of year, but also from the experience of the angler. The fisherman should try each wiring method to achieve a good catch.
The wiring of the crank:

Depends on the activity of fish. If the fish is active, we must not tarry. In this case, use a fast retrieve. If a passive fish, then you need to change tactics. Fit smooth transaction with numerous pauses.

Wiring Popper: Popper caught on the water surface. Popper attracts fish by its movement and the sounds of gurgling water. This kind of fishing is preferred for late spring, summer and early fall. Hurry up with the wiring of the crank is usually not necessary.

Composite cranks: Nastavnici are good imitators fish. Generally, these plugs are used for uniform transaction.

Please note! If you have already chosen and decided to buy some spinning, but don't know where to buy it, then choose fishing online shopping. Usually have a wide range of products and always have service throughout Russia.

Fishing methods trolling.

A good catch will be guaranteed a properly chosen speed spinners. Before fishing, you need to test the speed performance of the spinners and see what attracts the fish.

Spinners: Suitable for uniform transaction alternating movement and pause.

Oscillating baubles: the Perfect bait for slow transactions. The lure is of interest to the fish and provoked the attack. You can use the novice fishermen. Even if the fisherman can't find the right wiring, the bait is in any case forced to draw predator's attention.

A good place for fishing with spinning.

Good fishing is the one on which you have a good result in the form of fish caught. A well-chosen location, the selection of bait, cast, and knowledge transactions gives the set of proper and effective fishing.

places to Rybalkina to choose the right fishing spinning reel. You can pay attention to the following fishing spinning reel:

A river with reeds near the shore. It is ideal for fishing with spinning. And if you will be fishing from a boat, the result is just gorgeous.
Fallen old trees and snags in the water. In places like to dwell most predatory fish.
Bridges, pits and rays. And in places like to hide the fish.

All of the above will help ensure you have a positive outcome fishing.

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