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Bezuzlovaâ clasp it and how? -so far, at times, can be heard from some not so obsessed fishing anglers. Despite the fact that this type of closure for many amateur and professional fishing for several years already deservedly is an integral attribute of a successful fishing, still not debated about the benefits and harms of these small simple and ingenious devices to link bait or leash with a main fishing line.
I'm actually not going to all bezuzlovuû everywhere use the strap to agitate, because despite all the advantages of its use, it also has some disadvantages that certain types of fishing are losing their aesthetics, so to speak.

The most important advantage of ultra cross zipper in front of any other means of connection, for example, braids and a metal leash so no loss of strength, because the site itself is, as we all know that the maximum loss occurs on a node the strength cord or Twine. Another advantage may be called, for example, in the cold season, when hands and not much heat snap a leash to the string using bezuzlovki much easier than knit crafty fishermen's sites. Here, in this, in principle, and the benefits of the end.

Make yourself bezuzlovuû clasp their hands easily, described this procedure I in another article. Now my IMHO over the use and non-use of the bezuzlovyh fasteners. So, for example, I often catch Pike and perch on lures suspending lures and extra weight to snap-hook, and they will simply be harmful. Then, I also often fall fish in the most powerful korâžnikah and there use solid Braid is to be able to bend a hook caught in cramps, then use this stitch to keep the strength is not advisable, because strength and so abundantly. Or for fishermen who with micro Jig such fasteners are contraindicated, even at very small sizes, they're still very coarsen the tackle. Then, when fishing from the shore, zatsepa Street, when you use bezuzlovki, there is a good chance to break off a long stretch of expensive braids is another compelling trade-off to using bezuzlovki.

And that's when fishing competitions, for example, to the silicone of medium size, with thin strings, in order to maintain the strength to use bezuzlovki is logical, or when fishing on the track or trolling. And just to throw off the boat, if the tackle is not very delicate, using ultra cross fasteners can be justified.

Snap bezuzlovuû strap to a lead you can even see with your hands, it is not difficult and it does not need to make any knots. Put on the strap on the leash, put double braid, forming a loop without the host, put on a loop without the host hooked clasps, do 8-10 revolutions around the base of the zipper will bend toward fixing the lock fasteners, fixing namotannuû braid in the lock clasps. All connection as strong!

In General, try knotless fasteners, and answer a question about the use and uselessness of this pribludy for stream where fishing. Finally, still races say that all salt this clasp is in convenience, and all the same fortress as closely as possible the connection ends. Thanks for reading this article and ask in the comments to express your opinion about the preference to use bezuzlovki.

Boronin Roman Nikolaevich

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