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The world day of fishery. Holiday on 27 June
Every year on 27 June we celebrate the world Day of Fishery. Unlike other "day of the fisherman", which is celebrated in Russia every second Sunday of July, the festival aims to ensure that the public paid attention to the problems associated with fishing, poaching, uncontrolled harvesting of ocean biological resources of different countries. It is clear that the earth's population is growing, the technical aspect of world fisheries is also not necessary on a place, - all this in time led to a serious loss of weight of the world's fish resources. And here in the early 80-ies these problems start to work.
For example, in 1982 the UN adopted a Convention aimed to ensure that all States that participate in Maritime fishing, by interstate cooperation continue to care for the protection of marine living resources. In 1984, at the next International conference on regulation and development of fishing, it was proposed to make the day on 27 June the world Day of Fishery. And now since 1985 every summer, the world celebrates this holiday.

Pay attention to the world day of fishery must not only fishermen, and all people - because the world's fish stocks is every person on earth. So let's not forget that the uncontrolled harvesting of biological resources will necessarily lead to a serious environmental problem and may be even that future generations shall know amazing taste some seafood.
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Uncontrolled fishing is a problem not only of the ocean reserves, as well as the problem of various regions of the Russian Federation. Indeed, the conservation of fish stocks in our rivers, reservoirs and ponds are only few forces fisheries that operate according to the rules of fishing the Federal Agency for fishery, and they are certainly needed any help. So let's 27 June the world day of fishery little think of poaching that is flourishing around us. Let us, in the next races when someone will boast its illegal catch of our biological resources, we say the poacher what shall be said in that case any citizen, thinking about the future of their homeland.

And so, let's 27 June congratulate with a holiday of the world day of fishery especially those people without whom we have on the table there would be a variety of marine fish, so good for our body! Thanks to these people, and it is not only the farm fishermen, and fish, and employees fisheries, and students with teachers of different fisheries training institutes and universities, we are far from the oceanic expanse, can afford to eat a variety of ocean benefits...

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