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Все ради азарта
В современном мире существует такое разнообразие различных видов спорта, что порой голова идет кругом от попытки ознакомиться с их списком. Неудивительно, что рыбаки также объединились в собственное спортивное сообщество.
Fishing is fun, interesting hobby and a good time outdoors. It is summer and winter, freshwater and marine, for it can be used a variety of gear and methods of fishing. There are several types of fishing, but first of all applied methods and techniques depend on what fish you plan to catch. So are the different types of fishing for peaceful or for predatory fish.
Types of fishing
How to choosea gift to her husbandisa fisherman? What to give to a fan ofsummer or winterfishing? Thanavidfishermanforfisherman's Day, 23 February, birthdayor New year?

 Fisherman's day

Every summer, on the second Sunday of July we celebrate a truly long-awaited holiday for our brother fisherman fisherman's Day.

The world day of fishery. Holiday on 27 June
Every year on 27 June we celebrate the world Day of Fishery. Unlike other "day of the fisherman", which is celebrated in Russia every second Sunday of July, the festival aims to ensure that the public paid attention to the problems associated with fishing, poaching, uncontrolled harvesting of ocean biological resources of different countries. It is clear that the earth's population is growing, the technical aspect of world fisheries is also not necessary on a place, - all this in time led to a serious loss of weight of the world's fish resources. And here in the early 80-ies these problems start to work.