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Today the company Tsuribito very popular on the Russian market. This popularity came primarily due to the lures Tsuribito. The most experienced and beginners, spinnings known and successfully used for various spinning fishing such models wobblers, Tsuribito as Ded Minnow, Baby Crank, Pencil, Jerkbait, Jerk Pop, Hard Minnow and another great bunch of other popular models.
On all of the above models wobblers, Tsuribito on the Internet recently appeared a lot of reviews with great reviews from the Russian fishermen. Lures Tsuribito meets all the requirements of the average spinner. Especially for effectiveness should be noted lures Tsuribito for ultralight fishing and surface-catching. The popularity at the Russian market the brand Tsuribito deserve not only for the quality of its products, but also, so to say, his ancestry. The inscription on the boxes of wobblers Development and design by BassDay Japan tells us that the development and design of these lures are produced on a very steep and eminent Japanese factory and never mind that he is in China, is a high quality product does not cause doubts. And yet, the prices of almost Japanese lures Tsuribito very affordable. This fact, of course, plays an important role in the popularity of cranks on the Russian market, because similar Japanese wobblers two to three times more expensive, even the original wobblers brand BassDay have a price at least twice. And who doesn't want to save? I want and for several years now tell products Tsuribito "Yes". Today, the official dealer in Russia of the trade mark Tsuribito and other brands is a company JJ-Group. Also on the Russian market under the brand Tsuribito along with lures go fishing accessories and rods with relatively low price but high quality.

Boronin Roman Nikolaevich,
Spring, 2014