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The company Kosadaka on the Russian market is relatively new and very rapidly beginning to win the hearts, so to speak, Russian fishermen. As told by one of the representatives of the brand Kosadaka the exhibition Hunting and fishing in Russia 2013 that they appeared in the distant 2003 year 2013 year is jubilee.
Having analyzed the information found on the brand Kosadaka, listening and reading reviews and surveys that found on the Internet, it became evident that the company's policy aimed at really high quality gear, and the low price of the goods, of course, benefits the development of the company. Brand Kosadaka our fishermen known primarily as a quality lures. Such baits as Kosadaka Mirage or Kosadaka Mascot was infused brand of Kosadaka than one thousand fishermen in Russia, Ukraine and probably elsewhere. I myself at one time believed in the effectiveness of cranks thanks to the lures from Kosadaka. And let these baits most of the copies already known and popular brands, me, as a consumer, it did not worry because they catch and catch is not even bad, and somewhere, oblasova its, so to say, "summary of the twins" from famous manufacturers.
Kosadaka Mirage XD 70F GT Kosadaka Mascot XL 80F GT

"Little information on the Internet" - it is often said. Yes, I can tell more, - it is not only reviews of cranks! What does this mean? Official site Kosadaka does not exist today, the brand owners especially not seem about them and little is known, think correctly they do: it's either too early, or simply do not make sense to argue with fans to Express their seznameni and authority in all matters. The official distributor of the company Kosadaka and partner on the market is the company "Griffin". Pleases in this brand that the guys from the company are working in the right direction and they have everything that lacked average for the financial welfare of ordinary fishermen from the provinces, or any Russian hinterland. Currently the range of products Kosadaka constantly updated, there are various fishing lures from silicone, fishing rods, coils, fishing lines and cables, high-quality accessories and hooks, it adds new sizes and colors already working lures. In General, the company operates and makes us happy and good quality equipment at a very good price and to rest on our laurels is not going to.

About the history of Kosadaka at the exhibition a representative of the company says that it all started in the nineties. The following briefly with his words... a Group of fishermen-minded, understanding that the Russian fishery market is experiencing a shortage in the fishing goods, decided to engage in the production and development of fishing gear. The leaders, of course, in this case were the Japanese, and it was decided to appeal to the Japanese market. And now, in cooperation with the Japanese designers and manufacturers started production of fishing tackle. The emphasis was on production of cranks, first of all, according to the spokesman, because it was interesting to themselves, well, would be of interest to all the other anglers. The goal was to make catchability baits at affordable for the average Russian Fisher price. Currently the company Kosadaka about a hundred models of their own lures with well-selected colours and with different cavities, which completely covers all the desires of the Russian fishermen. This is the brief history of Kosadaka according to the representative of the brand at the exhibition of fishing products. About copies and affinity with eminent wobblers representative politely explained that in fact forms these lures are not so many, it Minnow and Shad, and so they are all a little bit again, at the magnetic system of the far throw at them individually, and shape, says representative, we also individual.

For the information of the box with crank: Made in China by KOSADAKA Co.,LTD., Kyoto, Japan. Well, after listening to the representative, involuntarily on my face formed a smile with a strange feeling: form, says, individual! Well, that's almost everything seems normal told, and about the forms of cranks still bent - dozens of cranks on the shape I'm in full copies of the originals. But that's the price at Kosadaka three times cheaper, and, despite the fact that the inwards, and play them from the original is a bit different, still almost everything they catch excellent! Brand Kosadaka already called the people's trademark and this is no accident, therefore, as the Fisher lover and consumer - to-consumer Fisher Amateur - advise and recommend!

Boronin Roman Nikolaevich,
Spring, 2014