Fishing brands

It is not easy to break into the Russian market new fishing brands, but, nevertheless, more and more about such brands as Kosadaka or, for example, Zemex. Of course, in order to successfully develop from scratch, they have to play not fair from the point of view of business and producing, for example, copies of already established and very popular cranks or other required for fishing things. But looking from the point of view of the consumer, I say the more the better. Competition has never been harmful for us, ordinary consumers. And of course, to the products of specific fishing brand was popular, you need something to stand out to you noticed and remembered: some brands it rods, other crankbaits, at the third hooks. And never mind that most of the products are doing in China, the main thing that the quality was on the level, but the level of this already for every fisherman his: someone is willing to pay hundreds of dollars for three baits, but for someone and five hundred roubles a lot of money. While fishing it is known for everyone: for the rich and for the poor, which in our country will be more. So let's not blame "wobblers from China", if their quality level. I figured I'm here to gather information on known fishing brands, which will dig in the Internet, just to have an idea about what we, fishermen, enjoy.
1 The Company Tsuribito - Tsuribito
2 Brand Kosadaka. History Kosadaka