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I remember with my father we went on bicycles at one, familiar only to us and some on, swamp to get motylja. The father then came in shorts and shoes to the waist in water, in the hands of the he had specially made device for washing and I, motylja, being quite a child, remained on the Bank. Device was a large ladle, a long wooden handle was attached from the metal rod on which the ring was fixed by metal mesh, with the cell, somewhere in the 3-4 mm. Dad scooped them with silt, then vymyval it, how much it turned out. Then hold the bucket over the water, submerged it in water, and again, fast obsohšij motyl pop up and found himself in a special box-motyl′nicu. This operation with a raised mud he did several times, then made it to shore, and I already from the remnants of silt and grasses chose motylja. This work was laborious, though very interesting, though, probably only interesting for me. Later, as an adult, I extracted the motylja.
Now I'm no longer my hip waders. You can buy it cheaply in each city. And here's how to store motylja, for many still remains a mystery. The thing that makes this all differently and inexperienced fisherman, having listened to a dozen recommendations, cannot figure out how to best store and fly-fishing.
At one time I also tried many ways to store all they good motylja, under certain conditions. The best way for long-term storage (several months) motylja is deposited in the bucket with silt taken from the same reservoir, where his namyli and. And here's to store small amounts of fly-fishing (one box) and not more than two, maximum two weeks, recommend you the standard storage of water in the pot and fly-fishing. It is advisable to change the water every day, and definitely, when replacing the water, rinse the jar. Anyone with space in the refrigerator is no problem, we can recommend you store it in a special tray that is sold in pet stores. Also periodically practice the safekeeping and fly-fishing in the newspaper for a few days. To do this on a double layer of newspaper rassypaû thin layer motylja. A layer no more than half-centimeter in size and fly-fishing. Carefully walk back and put it in the newspaper plastic bag. Open package put in fridge in the bottom drawer. This method of storage, of the handful of bait excess moisture is removed and the larvae breathe easily and fly-fishing.
Other methods of storage motylja:

For the right container is carved-foam and kept on it. motyl Foam rubber is moistened from time to time, but not much. In the tank should be moist but not wet. Motyl so kept for about a month.
You can store more in the tank, and fly-fishing peresypannym Moor Moss spitym tea or, grated on large grater, potatoes.
You can store the potatoes in hip waders. Take a large potato, cut one-third of it, in large part, we cut out the middle to left wall thickness of 5 mm, and from the little we do cover. There is a plus in potatoes contains starch, so the bots will not stick together.
A very old way to store outlet the toilet tank and fly-fishing. But it is worth mentioning. The way is not bad in itself, but only in cities where the tap water small chlorine content, or not at all. To store the tank outlet to fly-fishing a kapron stocking pull on wire frame and placed in the stocking boxes motylja. The water there is changing periodically, motyl is washed and quite good feeling.

Experienced fishermen know that motyl happens different. Usually, if there is a possibility to choose, I am acting and fly-fishing as follows. If you know that a fishing trip in the coming month to go, and I purchase bait just on one fishing trip, choose pokrasnee, straight to fly-fishing Ruby this was. And if I take a few fishing and fly-fishing, fly-fishing can take it dark, such a more tenacious and kept motyl much longer red. Beautiful Scarlet motylja says that he's more immature, motyl is prone to extremes of temperature, lack of oxygen, etc. While on the rubinokrasnogo motylja Pecks are much better-here you decide. In any case, motyl, živen′kij should be the whole move in heap motylja shouldn't be dead larvae.
How to store and fly-fishing on fishing:

Need to know how to store fishing and fly-fishing. Keep on fishing and fly-fishing should be in foam box. Thermal insulation properties of foam known, so the better material for storing motylja while fishing in the winter. Usually such cartons of motylem store in a jacket pocket, external or internal, depending on the temperature outside. Some fishermen, especially athletes like to use additional smaller boxes. In it they put a dozen or two, and the main safety motylja store in a secluded place in the pocket of the suit. At storage of fishing and fly-fishing is important not only it does not freeze and not overheat. The fact that frozen motylja still usable for fishing, ottaâv it in your fingers or by breathing on it, but you can use hip waders superheated except for bait. NKNZ you fishermen!

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