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Bot fly maggot-meat is one of the best baits to fish such as bream and silver bream, Roach, tench and Chub, IDE, perch, and in General, the maggot you can catch any fish. Most anglers lovers and especially athletes always successfully apply maggot for fishing. The popularity of oparysha for fishing due to some properties of this bait. For example, the athletes love to fish on a maggot for its ability to retain long eagle eye appeal for the fish. Once pushing a couple of larvae, you can catch more than 10 fish on the hook only patches of bait and fish will still be interesting enough.

Of course, to tell about fishing is maggot a lot, but in fact it is redundant information, as they say, only to know, so I will try to shorten the article and tell only the main. At present, very few people grow oparysha, but this bait has been very scarce. Not dûža brezglivye anglers at a time nezamoračivaâs′, went to the nearest slaughterhouse and successfully extracted any number of other fishermen, oparysha, among them and I grew the larvae in the meat flies alone on the fish, the benefit was where-in the country. It was not very difficult, but very unpleasant and, for the first time, had a perebaryvat′ to be messing with this. In General, having come from fishing, I used to take a few fish, did the shallow incisions and hung fish in tenechke, not far from the clusters of flies. After a few minutes the fishes already sitting several meat flies and did his thing. After two or three, or more hours, depending on the activity of the cruise, the fishes can be seen a couple hundred of little white eggs, which are the other day had the white-gray worms. The fish had to be placed in any container, close by other insects and remove away from the House and cats. Maggot is growing very fast, probably so called from the words "opara. Under favorable conditions, the larvae become suitable for fishing are the fourth-day 5 (8-10 mm in length), but you can grow them and larger size. On the tenth to fifteenth day the larvae turn into so-called clusters, dark solid dolls, they are also suitable for bait, but here in Russia, they somehow have failed due to zero mobility and therefore it is better to use together with the feed. Later pupae turn into flies, where you can also catch fish, but it is, as the other article. Well, here's ... For example, on the fifth day of the extract larvae from the substrate nedoedennogo and put them into sawdust be cleaned. After the larvae of flies in the meat is stored in appropriate jar with small holes. The main ingredients are best kept in a jar in the refrigerator, on a fishing trip to take the required number of larvae. Without access to air and in the cold of the larvae are in suspended animation and can be stored in this condition for a long time. For example, the maggot flies of autumn I have derived was kept in such conditions all winter and spring, and record keeping was even two years. While working with larvae it is recommended to use the respirator and rubber gloves, in general the maximum hygiene.

Ideally, if you get breeding fishing oparysha more carefully, you can not do ABY, as follows. Take those same fish only need so many to the larvae of flies on the meat third-fourth day of milled whole foods. Then, gently removing them in sawdust or scraping, replant all the maggots in a suitable container and supplementation is their cheese. The curd must be slightly damp, it is better to add the milk. This is the ideal option, then maggot is white, it disappears almost completely detestable odor and fish like it very very much. You can also wet slippery worm egg yolk supplementation is, welding quality, country egg, in this case, the maggots are a yellowish shade, close to the color of the yolk. Keep oparysha is best if not in the sawdust, manna groats. They bury themselves in it, and immediately it may seem that they are hard to catch, but it's worth just gently shake jar like maggots on the surface of the grain moving, where to get them.

For storing oparysha for winter display to them this autumn with the latest flies, such bots would live long enough, and the summer can and okuklit′sâ. Even today you can buy oparysha almost any fishing store, and the version extraction oparysha, will definitely be the best option, especially for the very squeamish and afraid of becoming infected with different miazami.

Nasazhivajut oparysha hooked differently depending on the biting. With the active Kleve thin crochet pierce the back part one-two or more larvae, trying to injure them as little as possible. And capricious Kleve oparysha better to pierce through and through, like a worm, through all the body. And the main thing you need to leave the Stinger hook out bots, tight little body oparysha cannot always be puncture when cutting and therefore inexperienced anglers often misses.

Really not worth putting in the bait much slippery worm. Of course, maggot in prikormočnoj mixture will help reel in the fish, but will it, fish, pay attention to your bait, when on the bottom of a huge number of halâvnoj creeps delicatessen food?! I add about 50 to 100 mL/kg of finished oparysha bait. Still, the maggot constantly strive to burrow down, so after a while the whole maggot in feeder fishing will be at the bottom, must be prikormočnyh before cooking balls jumble all solid foods. Get rid of this extra work can be, for example, oparysha slaying parboiled him with boiling water. Here too you can give advice, if you are an active, frequent biting the lure, you can and live use, and if the fish will have to wait, it is best to maggot was motionless.

A few more tips for using oparysha for fishing:

Some enthusiasts experiment tint oparysha in various colors. The main color for touch-up is red and green, yellow, to the dokorme, you can use different food coloring or beet juice, for example, by adding it to the cottage cheese.

Sometimes recommend freezing slippery worm. As races tried to experiment and froze the matchbooks larvae, but larvae do not revive after defrosting it, therefore, decided that this method is suitable only for a billet oparysha for feeding. Do not see the point of deep freeze maggot, because he is fine in most cases several months in suspended animation at a temperature of around zero and better without air.

For separation of feed oparysha, you can use the recycle their aluminum or plastic colander or a plastic cat toilet with a plastic grille. To maggot quickly slid down through the grate or a colander can be put it in bright light.

If clearing oparysha only in the sawdust you are not satisfied and the larvae remain lousy smell, you can bathe in slightly soapy water, for the water for five minutes we sank the maggots in a SOAP solution and stir it, then put them on sheets of newspaper and give them time to dry up.

I hope the article was useful to you and you learn something new, or remember long forgotten. Subscribe to site updates and hope you enjoy your fishing!

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