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Certainly, zaparennaâ wheat for fishing is one of the best nozzles when fishing for Roach and bream. Of course, this is not the common fishermen have the attachment, you can successfully catch and another white fish: carp, crucian, IDE, and many more, but I use it only for fishing for Roach and bream. The exception to this rule could be fishing on paysites, it is known that in such ponds are often used for wheat feeding by Karpov, but such ponds I didn't catch. It is noticed that the zaparennuû wheat always fish catches are bigger than usual for many anglers. I am sometimes asked how zapariy wheat for fishing, that it was rasparilas′ good soft, but still well kept on the hook. In this small article I will show you how to do it I.

In General, if you're going fishing, as expected, in advance, what all do, as it should, and if it no longer remains, you can just pour a glass of wheat three glasses of water and, not forgetting to add salt to your liking, Cook over low heat until the beginning of the cracking of the grains. If time permits, poured into a suitable Pan two glasses of wheat, wash it, remove the emerged empty grain and debris, pour five glasses of water, and leave razmokat about 12:0 or slightly more. After not losing water, put a pan with wheat on the fire and bring to a boil. Really does not hurt to add a teaspoon of salt with a slide. Cook 15 minutes, then remove from the heat and or ukutyvaem pan with wheat in a sweatshirt or a blanket, or, as I put it in to avoid 4:0. Depending on the variety of wheat while the BREW head may change and may have to once again put the pot on the fire and bring to a boil again and then again in zaparku. Had me the harder grade of wheat, the better it is for fishing, though a longer account for zaparivat′. After the BREW head throws the wheat in a colander and allow time to drain out the water. Most of the Otsypaem for bait, and less put in a jar for tips. For nozzles to keep wheat more, because not everyone will go on a hook of seed, and only the best, which is not dissolved, but become soft and slightly burst around the edge.

As the capacity of the BREW head with the thermos can usefully suitable size. Wheat increases in volume approximately 2.5 times, therefore you can lay about wheat dry 25-30% of the total pot. Also when you receive their wheat in a thermos to keep in mind some varieties of wheat. If not durum wheat, water temperature should be used less, it is important that the bait is not less than zaparivalas′ 4-5 hours, otherwise the result will be small and not grain so appealing for the fish as they could be.

In General, if you intend to use this bait not once, then I would recommend to buy more wheat and through trial, already at its practice to bring the way of cooking this wheat to the correct prescription.

This time my wheat is not the best quality, but no where does not go away, and will have to catch big bream and Roach to such a nozzle. Weight of wheat of two glasses was 300 grams, the finished wheat happened 670 grams of evaporated.

Some advice on the use of wheat for fishing:

• As bait and additives to feeder fishing wheat, of course, you need to use, but this should be done very carefully so the fish quickly is not nasytilas′.

• The wheat you can add different flavors, but not necessarily, because its strong enough wheat taste and smell, the only thing that I would advise to add optional, is salt. Salt sypem as much as would be poured themselves into the mess, that is to your liking.

• If parallel to the cooking bait with zaparennym meal, then recommend to boil wheat in an amount of water that it has sufficed for the BREW head cake.

• At languid biting on wheat, recommend lightly compress the Minister pshenychka in the fingers, so she and razmâkla, make small wings, skin pšenički have otodrav. This will improve the biting, that fish would miss the nozzle more confidently.

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