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My advice to you, the fishermen, while preparing to fishing-carp, be sure to stock up on this remarkable bait barley. Despite the fact that the world is caught all white fish, it just so happened that I take it only on fishing for Karas, bream, Roach and other peaceful fish catching on other nozzles and bait. How many times she Luckily we still got me too difficult to count them! Many anglers will tell you that it is better for summer no crucian worm bait. It is difficult to disagree with them, but it happens that the worm is caught only fish the size of a bay leaf and a crucian carp will not come across, we here-useful orzotto for fishing.
Orzotto for each fishing area, and especially the mushroom barley for crucian carp, should always be fresh, so harvest it many not be, because to keep it for a long time without a refrigerator not especially successful. Sometimes I had to use when fishing for Roach and axe zakisšuû lovilos′ is very successful, but still in the bait so mush I would not venture to add. In General, a tip: If your barley still zakisla, and prepare a new no possibility, before using it, you must thoroughly rinsed in water and slightly dry, then you can try to catch it, but do not add in the bait-a holiday break. One day fishing trip I use no more than three spoons with slide dry barley. After steaming, the bait is very little. Part of it is I otsypaû in a jar for tips, and the rest of the world have been using along with the feed.

Итак, как приготовить перловку для рыбалки, чтобы приманка и на крючке сидела хорошо, и в прикормку можно было бы ее использовать. Рассмотрению заслуживают два способа приготовления, это запаривание перловки в термосе и просто варка ее на медленном огне. Варим, если до рыбалки осталось мало времени, а если время есть, то запариваем. Запаренная перловка получается большего размера, да и риск переварить приманку снижается. У меня для этих целей имеется специальный старый термос, отслуживший свое изрядно, у которого уже и пробка-то вся развалилась, но крышка осталась. В общем, накануне рыбалки, чтобы приготовить перловку запариванием, засыпаю в пол-литровый термос две-три столовые ложки сухой крупы, капаю туда десять капель какого-либо ароматизатора (конечно, необязательно), подсыпаю немного соли и сахара, заливаю до верха кипятком и оставляю, примерно, на два часа. Время запаривания может быть иным, тут можно в середине времени проверить готовность каши. Перловка для рыбалки не должна быть сильно перепарена, иначе будет соскакивать с крючка и не должна быть недопарена, иначе будет дюжа твердая.

Cook in a saucepan for Obama too is not difficult. Only then would not soak rice cereals and grains for a few hours. The fact of the matter is that there is much faster, groats and it fails so nabuhnut′. In a saucepan put grits and fill its four parts of water. Cook, stirring occasionally, or just over 40 minutes. While cooking, you can also add your favorite flavorings, salt and sugar.

After fishing the porridge is ready, pour out it in a colander, give fluids to drain. Set aside a portion of the barley for complementary foods, and another part of barley for the nozzles on the towel that throws it better had dried and then put it in a jar for bait.

Obama needs to be dry before putting it in a box

Well, a few tips:

Keep Obama on fishing better peresypav her with breadcrumbs. At languid biting discarded nuggets breadcrumbs help deciding on cautious goldfish flegmatičnomu catches. Yes and kept the orzotto for longer.
I often use the main component as complementary foods zaparennyj cake. So in this case I zaparivaû cake remaining water after Brewing barley. I believe that it is only in favor of quality feeder fishing.
Don't forget to add flavor rice cereals and cereal aromas. Me favourite flavours for barley is: vanilla, tutt-Frutti, honey and anise. When you use barley in feeder fishing with meal, flavoring it is best to add only the bait to catch and prikormočnuû Pearl grits leave as is.
During cooking or out of the BREW head Pearl barley don't forget to pour into it a little bit of salt and sugar, it will improve the taste of Kashi.
Gently cook the axe in a thermos, if to pour extra grains, it can damage your thermos. Optimally on half-liter thermos bottle 2-3 tablespoons of cereal and more.
In stores is different in size Pearl barley. It is better to choose a major. Often the fish hook prefers to see half or one and half barley perlovočki. Try to instill halves of barley, it sometimes helps out at languid biting.
You can axe zaparivat′ along with sunflower meal. Despite the fact that barley is darker, it gives a positive result in biting fish, but this is an amateur. Personally I like to use to lure white mothers.
If you do not have a suitable pot barley BREW head or just feel sorry for using your favorite hiking gear for the BREW head lures, you can zapariy and in the saucepan. Bring to a boil in a saucepan, cover the mess her lid and we pan in a thick sweatshirt, a blanket or put it in a previously wrapped avoid in a towel.
Fishing float fishing pole axe do softer. And, on the contrary, to catch the feeder or other such gear where casting is used for long-distance, mothers produce ready firmer, slightly nedovarennuû, so as not to sletala during the cast.
Well, like all knew said. Ask in comments append your expertise on the subject.

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