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Not every angler can catch fish on June bug. The period of this fishing was not great, our flight Khrushchev in the Tambov region is in May, and fishing lasts until about mid-June. Peak biting chub and ide about the tenth day after blooming birch leaves and gradually falls until June. Main prey fishing on June bug is chub with ide, also rarely catch there are not big sherespery.

I used to collect the required number of beetles on the evening before fishing at his cottage, while in the forest area to get as many as you like so much easier. In the evening, beetles flying so much that it is better to catch them with your mouth closed. Easier to catch them knocking, for example, the sports jacket, as did all the boys in childhood, and can be used specially made for catching Khrushch net with fine mesh. There is another simple way of getting beetles in the morning. We need to find a place where young trees are not many, for example, at a sports school playground or in the yard, where there are young, newly planted trees. Early in the morning, when the chilly beetles sit motionless on thin branches and awaiting the first rays of the sun to warm up and again to take up his cause harmful to trees, you need to go to him and that have the power to shake. Important if the high grass under a tree, you need to spread out beneath prepared beforehand, for example a plastic tent or newspapers. Beetles fall abound. Collect them from the tent in a plastic bottle a matter of seconds. Well, as I said, I find it easier to collect them in the evening and in the morning went straight to fishing, but not to run and shake derevya.na cockchafer

For a fishing rod, you can use different, depending on the reservoir, which are going to fish. I catch chub on small rivers and so I use very short spinning the dough 2-16 gr. Better to pick up a floating scaffold, a hook from 6 th to 10-th number of the Russian classification. Fishing line can be any of your choice, I recently put flyurokarbon 0.16 mm in cross section, and the hook as long as he was thin and durable, with a length of no more than forearm length of the June bug. In the fitting, the beetle on the hook no special secrets, and to implant the May beetle, you thread the hook at the bottom of the head and take the sting through the abdomen, with a deep poke Khrushch hook should not be. On the water chafer must swim to the bottom hook. It is difficult to say when more strikes: in time of immersion of the May beetle under water or when it floats on the surface of the surface of the water - always different. Oh, and do not prevent a very good polarized glasses in order to see what is under the stick vodoy.kak cockchafer

Very good idea to catch on a June bug with PVC inflatable boats, but, unfortunately, in our area on a fishing boat with a ban until the end of the fishing season on June bug. So you have to catch a beetle from the shore. So, observing the silence, come to the place of fishing. Throw-spinning with the May beetle upstream of the mill and a small spoon, watching the beetle floated down the river, waiting for a bite. You can use a transparent spherical float, filled half with water, but I was fishing with him did not like, it is very loud it alight on water. It happens that, as a float, I use a regular stick. A fish stick is not frightened, but falls into the water it is not so loud. If chub and ide is close, the bite will not be long in coming. We will see the surf near Khrushchev, fishing line will be stretched, we will do sweeps and strong fish that have the power to pull in depth. After messing around with prey to change your place of fishing, and come back later, after thirty minutes.

There is another option for fishing equipment June bug, I use it when the beetles in the bank I have more than a dozen, but many. Before you throw the bait into the water, I throw one - two beetles in the water and watched. If the chafer is attacked fish, I quickly tosses his bait in the same place, usually a bite occurs within a few seconds, the fact that the chubs always keep at least a couple.

In the final part of this short article about catching fish on June bug want to convince you must try to catch chub and ide on June bug. Maybe you're lucky and grab your bait asp, there could not lose his composure and calmly overcome all attempts lively fish off the hook. Be constantly on the alert, because the first bite on a fishing trip is always unexpected. And if you're lucky, I can assure you that more than any spring you will not miss to relive those great emotions of catching a really smart, clever, strong and wary fish!

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