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I often see people fishing, who came to the pond on a good not a cheap car, sitting in a nice sturdy chair, next to which are good at spinning rodpodah expensive. Everything seems to be good, but in my head simple cheap Chinese lantern. I do not understand why, because in the night lights for fishing is an accessory that affects the comfort and security, and self-respect in the end. I assume that the lights of better quality than the cheap Chinese, our brother just heard, and had tried - and got it. I do not want there to argue with opponents of my concepts, not in this article, well, still ... Many nerves battered me cheap Chinese lanterns for fishing. You put them in three new batteries, like shining. But not for long, then the light dimmer dimmer. And as if the battery is not yet set, and throw them a pity, and the light is not enough. Then, using one of their Chinese lanterns, I was always annoyed that the necessary force to turn the light to be pressed several times and passing once through mode blinking. Do not think so, I'm a chur irritable, but still on a night fishing all be worked out, nothing should get in the way, and the extra stimuli, hinder my rest, I do not need.
Well, that's all this has led me to think about buying a really high quality, but not too expensive flashlight. Tell what was different my new torch for fishing from his predecessors. Well, first, it had to be waterproof. I am often in the summer to be collected for catching somyat Nightcrawlers, and do it better in overcast conditions, often in the rain. At this time, this bait crawls very much, and I can prepare for 2-3 hours to several fishings. Flashlight for fishing must be headlamp that while the hands were free. It must be lightweight, durable, compact, and certainly should shine as an adult light, not for nothing that I'm going to pay for it several times more than a Chinese lantern.
Well, now, digging on the internet, I was surprised to myself, learned that there is even the lights on the same batteries that are pretty decent shine thanks to modern light-emitting diodes and electronic control. These lights are small enough and light, as I wanted. One AA battery will work quietly on medium power all night, and a set of 4 batteries, as I have enough for a few nights or for a full night with the light on maximum power. Having studied many reviews and surveys concluded that fishing needs me the most suitable lamp Fenix ​​HL21. Buy a flashlight in the store Fonarik.com, which is the official representative of the brand Fenix, was not difficult, and with the purchase of the parcel has come fast enough. By the way, take this opportunity to thank the employees of online store for the efficiency and friendliness.
Now some of the lamp Fenix ​​HL21, and the more he did so pleased and happy to this day. Flashlight sold in blister pretty packaging. By flashlight Fenix ​​HL21 attached special lens through which light from the light becomes broad filler. For example, if you hang a lantern in the night camp on the table for the average power will be sitting by a few people in sufficient light comfort. Mind you, on medium power with a brightness of 47 lumens, ie quite adequate - only one battery to the whole summer night! lens flashlight Fenix ​​HL21 or diffusion lens Fenix ​​HL21Kstati, early reading, the lens lens has the following disadvantages: illuminates the eye and is not fixed in position, ie dangles. I hasten to assure the future owners of this enhancement, nothing like I had not noticed. It turns out, the company has slightly improved its Fenix ​​diffuser HL21. Now the lens is a lens in the position of a plastic rim that prevents overexposed. Yes and not loose it is, locked in any position. Now there is no need to upgrade the reflector itself. In the past, users had unfinished reflectors removed axle mount lenses and oiled, such as superglue. It dries and after setting all this in place, attach the necessary surface roughness, so that the lens was fixed in position.
Flashlight can shine on 93 meters. Maximum power glow 97 lumens. This is according to ANSI, it says that the measurements were made not on the LED, and the output of the optical system. Lantern is protected from overheating if the maximum power the LED reaches the critical temperature, the lamp switches on medium mode. Flashlight Fenix ​​HL21 is available in two colors, black and yellow. Me, I chose black Fenix. In general, the seller said he bought more yellow, it alleged, in the darkness more visible.
Lamp housing is made of durable and high quality plastic and metal reflector housing of durable aluminum alloy. When tested Fenix ​​HL21 threw a three and a half feet on the stones, visible damage was found.
Button on the flashlight in one, it is located on the side. The button also serves as a selector switch, to the lantern 4: 3 lumens, 47 lumens, 97 lumens and mode SOS. Turning on and off the lamp is pressed once, changing modes of light - holding the button for about a second. With the rapid double-clicking turns the fourth mode - SOS, ie not just a flash, and the Morse code - "... --- ...".
At the expense of a lens I would say that this is a very useful thing in the Fenix ​​HL21. As if you have two lamps in one. Without it, the world has a long way, well-lighted the opposite bank of a small river. For example, swimming at night in a boat off the coast, it is necessary sometimes to control what happens on the beach - it requires a long-range lens without a flashlight, and for convenience in the lens of the boat is just a great addition to the flashlight.
Testing flashlight Fenix ​​HL21 with battery.
Well, for a snack, my test for uninterrupted lighting time. Its results are a bit of time to manufacturer of light, but it is, I hope everyone understands depends on batteries. With a good alkaline battery flashlight will shine much longer. Well, I'll use for fishing as the spread of this set of four rechargeable AA batteries. They are testing my flashlight.
Used nearly new, you can tell, not raskachennye but fully charged NiMH-rechargeable batteries Duracell tsevye capacity 2450mAh, room temperature 22 * ​​C. The test was conducted in two stages: Stage 1 - at full power until the end, Stage 2 - on medium power until the end.
Step 1. Maximum power, 97 lumens.
The test. The battery voltage 1.46 V. Includes 97 lumens. After 1ch.45min. torch passes to a second mode of light, ie 47 lumens, the voltage across the battery at this point 1.14 V. After 15 minutes, move to the first mode, voltage 0.91 V and another ten minutes later the light barely visible. The first stage ends, the voltage at the battery sucked up to 0.9 V. After some time, battery, rested, gaining voltage to 1.14 V.. We put it on charge.
Step 2. Average power, 47 lumens. I think its core, that is, ispollzuetsya of 90%, if not more.
The test. The battery voltage 1.46 V. Includes 47 lumens. After 5ch.15min. torch passed to the first mode in the 3 lumens and disconnected after 30 minutes.
Results of the test lamp Fenix ​​HL21:
I was afraid? He was afraid that the battery will suck to zero, thus the battery will die quickly. Or anything like that. Suppose fishing, working on average mode. Once the average mode with 47 lumens himself will go to three lumens, the first mode, the battery must be removed and put another. On an empty battery after binning is about 1.14 V, it is not critical. Conventional alkaline battery, looked in one of the reviews on YouTube, light sucks up to 0.55 V, the battery would not endure such mockery to. In general, the following recommendations, if the third maximum mode is not switched on - remove the battery in order not to ruin and paste the following. My set of four batteries can be expanded from one to four night fishings charges. This is very encouraging.
fenix hl21 with batteries

What we liked in the lamp Fenix ​​HL21. Just IMHO. I must say that the serious shortcomings for themselves is not revealed, only advantages, in other words, what he wanted, and then got even more:
• Easy management. There is no need to press a few times to the desired mode of light. One push and turn the mode in which it was switched off. For me it is very convenient.
• The driver does not allow light to lose the power of light. If the mode is 47 lumens, it is 47 and will shine as a necessary capacity of the battery.
• For a long time on a single battery. Modern LED Cree XP-E LED (R2) allows lantern light emitting 97 lumens of about 2 hours, emitting 47 lumens 5.5 hours and 3 lumens - 53 hours, the manufacturer does not wish to specify which particular battery. Change the battery does not take much time, just 20 seconds, so it is not even bad. And there is no need for a battery of the same capacity - which they found, and put a.
• There is a diffusion lens or lens. He's the light, as it were around you, wherever looked, there was daylight. In the eyes of the light from the lens does not fall, nor any discomfort. At the same time, raising the lens of the lens, and can shine into the distance, such as walking, cycling, and in other cases. Smooth reflector can illuminate distant objects up to 93 meters.
• Lantern truly reliable. All the contact elements Fenix ​​HL21 gilded. Flashlight fully waterproof, ie a security standard IPx-8. This suggests that it is fully protected from moisture even when submerged to a depth of 1 meter for a long time. Fishing is a really important feature of the lantern.
• Small size and light weight. Weight Fenix ​​HL21 full set of 88 gr.: The very light with a diffusion lens - 43 oz., Strap - 15 g. and the battery is 30 grams. Approximate dimensions flashlight Fenix ​​HL21: width - 63 mm, height - 49 mm, depth - 36 mm. (Dimensions with mounting strap, ie dimensions).
So, in conclusion, I want to say that the article did not have a promotional nature or detailed review of my flashlight. Just wanted to tell you about my flashlight Fenix ​​HL21 and its advantages over my other flashlights.

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