Accessories for fishing

Going on a fishing trip, it is necessary to prepare the mind to such a pastime. Not a secret, that from the fact that you will take with you to help, will depend on the success of your fishing. Experienced anglers always have in its Arsenal of various accessories for fishing. Of course, depending on the type of fishing and accessories are different. For example, when fishing for pike experienced angler in its Arsenal is always корнцанг or a special extractor to extract the hook from the toothy mouth pike. When fishing for carp in the heat of the day must have a good spacious Zadok, and in the multi-day fishing, and a few cages for the preservation of live fish a few days. When catching a big fish fishermen enjoyed while pulling the trophy or a hook or a large подсачником.
In General, a fisherman in the modern world has a great range of accessories for fishing. In this little article is not listed and small proportion of fishing accessories. All of these fishermen's the little things are very useful in the complex of the fishing conditions. For example, when night fishing need to light. Now, when fishing at night, I use several lanterns, and before that, a few years ago, used a kerosene lantern "the bat", and before the kerosene lamp. Get a flashlight at the time was for me unjustified luxury. Still there are such accessory for fishing as a light bite. Again, before, when you fish on донки, for example, сомят, as an accessory, had to use a regular shaped knife stick with the slot, and now in stores sell special electronic detectors biting. Of course, similar accessories for fishing are not cheap, but today comfort at the fishing more often becomes more important than the financial costs of such relaxation.
Also on winter fishing accounts for our brother Fisher use a variety of accessories for fishing. This and various отцепы for мормышек and spoons, ladles or skimmers for the extraction of ice out of the holes, screw ledobur, which happens even with a gasoline engine. Other accessories for fishing need at any time of the year and on all types of fishing. For example, it is reliable fishing knife. A knife fisherman is useful in order to cut off the catapult under the rods and to clean fish for fisherman's soup, and for many other purposes knife on a fishing trip will be simply necessary.
I often see people fishing, who came to the pond on a good not a cheap car, sitting in a nice sturdy chair, next to which are good at spinning rodpodah expensive. Everything seems to be good, but in my head simple cheap Chinese lantern. I do not understand why, because in the night lights for fishing is an accessory that affects the comfort and security, and self-respect in the end. I assume that the lights of better quality than the cheap Chinese, our brother just heard, and had tried - and got it. I do not want there to argue with opponents of my concepts, not in this article, well, still ...
Fish finder, or as they are called in common "TVs for fishermen", are used to determine the depth and the nature of the reservoir bottom, detection of various objects in the water, including concentrations of fish. In order to select the desired