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The company Kosadaka on the Russian market is relatively new and very rapidly beginning to win the hearts, so to speak, Russian fishermen. As told by one of the representatives of the brand Kosadaka the exhibition Hunting and fishing in Russia 2013 that they appeared in the distant 2003 year 2013 year is jubilee.
Year: 1956
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 01:13
Director: Alexander Rowe
Cast: V.volodin, Mmiranda, Resina, Miller, G.stepanova
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Tasty snacks than saline pike caviar for me for several years now simply does not exist. So is that a recipe for pickling pike caviar at everyone. More often, when dealing with fishermen, it appears that some just don't know how to prepare the pike caviar. It is necessary to talk, and then to receive gratitude from the new hooked on this truly delicious and healthy diet product - pike caviar.
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Щука на Котовском водохранилище

Дата рыбалки: 12 февраля 2014

I will try to describe in detail, how to make bezuzlovuû clasp their hands. You can of course buy a pack and fasteners, for their price is not great, but not really in every provincial city on sale have a knotless fasteners.