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Bot fly maggot-meat is one of the best baits to fish such as bream and silver bream, Roach, tench and Chub, IDE, perch, and in General, the maggot you can catch any fish. Most anglers lovers and especially athletes always successfully apply maggot for fishing. The popularity of oparysha for fishing due to some properties of this bait. For example, the athletes love to fish on a maggot for its ability to retain long eagle eye appeal for the fish. Once pushing a couple of larvae, you can catch more than 10 fish on the hook only patches of bait and fish will still be interesting enough.

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Certainly, zaparennaâ wheat for fishing is one of the best nozzles when fishing for Roach and bream. Of course, this is not the common fishermen have the attachment, you can successfully catch and another white fish: carp, crucian, IDE, and many more, but I use it only for fishing for Roach and bream. The exception to this rule could be fishing on paysites, it is known that in such ponds are often used for wheat feeding by Karpov, but such ponds I didn't catch. It is noticed that the zaparennuû wheat always fish catches are bigger than usual for many anglers. I am sometimes asked how zapariy wheat for fishing, that it was rasparilas′ good soft, but still well kept on the hook. In this small article I will show you how to do it I.

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My advice to you, the fishermen, while preparing to fishing-carp, be sure to stock up on this remarkable bait barley. Despite the fact that the world is caught all white fish, it just so happened that I take it only on fishing for Karas, bream, Roach and other peaceful fish catching on other nozzles and bait. How many times she Luckily we still got me too difficult to count them! Many anglers will tell you that it is better for summer no crucian worm bait. It is difficult to disagree with them, but it happens that the worm is caught only fish the size of a bay leaf and a crucian carp will not come across, we here-useful orzotto for fishing.