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Щука на Котовском водохранилище

Дата рыбалки: 12 февраля 2014

I will try to describe in detail, how to make bezuzlovuû clasp their hands. You can of course buy a pack and fasteners, for their price is not great, but not really in every provincial city on sale have a knotless fasteners.
Bezuzlovaâ clasp it and how? -so far, at times, can be heard from some not so obsessed fishing anglers. Despite the fact that this type of closure for many amateur and professional fishing for several years already deservedly is an integral attribute of a successful fishing, still not debated about the benefits and harms of these small simple and ingenious devices to link bait or leash with a main fishing line.
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Today, for the majority of experienced and novice anglers it is no secret that such a lure. But call yourself with experience in classification of cranks, perhaps dare not every fisherman. The thing is that this bait is very specific and each variety of cranks is suitable primarily for a specific location. Therefore, if the spinning wished to learn how to catch fish on lures, it needs to have more than a dozen types of lure to fish in different places and therefore understand the classification of these baits.

Соревнования в Тамбовской области по спиннингу 2013

13 октября 2013 года планируются соревнования по спиннингу с лодок. Все желающие смогут поучаствовать в этих соревнованиях и выиграть, для этого всего лишь необходимо иметь желание и лодку с мотором или без мотора. Соревнования по спиннингу с лодок будет проходить на Кершинском водохранилище, т.е. на "Старой Керше".