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Fishing is fun, interesting hobby and a good time outdoors. It is summer and winter, freshwater and marine, for it can be used a variety of gear and methods of fishing. There are several types of fishing, but first of all applied methods and techniques depend on what fish you plan to catch. So are the different types of fishing for peaceful or for predatory fish.
Types of fishing
Types of fishing peaceful fish

To peaceful fish are those species that feed on plant food and small invertebrates (insects, larvae, worms, molluscs). These kinds of fish live in rivers, lakes, ponds and is an interesting area for fishing. You can select the following types of fishing carnivorous fish:

  • fishing float rod;
  • on feeder fishing rod;
  • on bottom gear.

Fishing float rod

The first of all methods of fishing have any method of fishing on the float rod. Still, this species remains the most popular for novice fishermen. This is due to the simplicity of the used gear and easily master the technique of fishing. A distinctive feature of the method is the use of snap-in float, which is a bite alarm. Fishing on the float rod can be carried out both from the shore and from boats. This type of fishing can be used for summer and for winter fishing (through the hole in the ice), differs only device tackle. Method can successfully fishing any peaceful fish in rivers and lakes: carp, carp, roach, bleak, bream, bream, Rudd and others. This rod is versatile, so if properly chosen bait, you can catch and predator.

Fishing with bottom gear

Tackle used for catching large specimens benthic fish. A distinctive feature is the location of the hook (or hooks) with bait on the bottom. Snap-submerged in the water under the weight of the attached weights. In calm water the weight of the sinkers may be small, but the preferred shape is convex. In reservoirs with strong for heavier loads of flat shape. Fishing with "Donk" is good for fishing at any time of the year.


Feeder rod also refers to the bottom gear. The name comes from the English word "feed" to "feed". The feature of fishing on the feeder is to apply bait that is placed in the trough (in the form of cells). The first few casts the contents of the feeder crumbles and forms a spot of lure. The density of the mixture, attracting the fish, depends on the strength of the flow, i.e., with strong currents bait needs to be more viscous, you can add the earth and clay. All of the following casts the bait are in the same place, where it attracted the fish are biting harder. With the help of this type of fishing can fishing carp, crucian carp, white bream, bream and other fish, bottom feeders.

Fishing feeder tackle

Fishing feeder tackle

The predatory fishing

Predatory fish prefer live bait, this is due to her methods of fishing. So among types of fishing predator release:

  • spinning;
  • jig;
  • fly fishing;
  • spirulina;
  • trolling;
  • fishing with imitation fish;
  • on the circle;
  • on fishing "gum".


Spinning is one of the most exciting and active types of fishing. The essence of the method lies in the far cast the bait and quick wiring in the water with twisting of the fishing line on the spool. For this type of use special fishing lure tackle, equipped with a baitcasting or spinning reel. A large variety of lures (natural and artificial), suitable for spinning, allows you to catch different species of fish:

  • freshwater: pike, Zander, perch, ASP;
  • sea: salmon, cod, mackerel, horse mackerel and other predators.

If you have decided to buy a spinning reel, then pay attention to the spinning Salmo – excellent value-quality.


Fishing jigs is the same gear, fishing spinning reel. The difference lies in the technique: winding the fishing line when the jig is done with periodic pauses during which the lure is slowed or even sinks to the bottom. So the movement of the Twister or the crank becomes a zigzag motion with stops and jerks. The lure will not go unnoticed, if there is a predator. Jig-wiring allows you to catch almost all predatory fish.

Fly fishing

Fly fishing – fishing methods that have appeared as a pastime for aristocrats and nobles, and became very popular all over the world. A distinctive feature of the method lies in the fact that the fishing is carried on the surface of the water, so to tackle not applied neither shipped nor float. As bait acts as an artificial fly imitating flotsam insect. Fly fishing uses a special casting technique: using special swinging movements of the rod is achieved the required speed of the cord. This is because the bait for this method of fishing is too light weight, so the casting is done by the weight of the cord.

Fly casting

Fly casting


Method spirulina, also called bombard, combines the features of spinning and fly fishing. It uses almost the same gear, spinning reel, but the rod should be easier and have a slow build. As bait uses a lightweight fly. A characteristic feature of the method is a special heavy float-bombard (from it happened the second name of method of fishing). Thanks to the float is far casting lures as in spinning. Spirulina allows careful to catch the fish of hiriya, trout, ASP, Chub.


Trolling is fishing from a moving watercraft (motor boats or boats). The tackle for this kind of fishing should be very strong, you need to allow it to withstand sudden strong jerks of the fish. Fishing rods for trolling are made of sturdy precomposing or fiberglass materials, equip powerful baitcasting reels and strong braided cord. Such a set is installed on the stern of the boat by means of special holders. Trolling is used when fishing in freshwater and marine predators: pike, catfish, Zander, trout, tuna, Marlin. If used for fishing non-motor and rowing boat, then the method is called "fishing on the track". Everything you need for trolling, you can select fishing in the online store, please note that in most of them there is an option of payment on delivery.




Fishing tackle is a passive kind of catching predatory fish, perfectly suitable for both winter and summer fishing. For this method produced a special snap – tackle-rogulina, and bait is live bait (small crucian carp, roach, bleak or gudgeon). Predator, catching live bait, first unwind the fishing line from regolini, and then podscasts on the hook himself, without the help of the Fisher. The fisherman only has to pull the catch on shore. With the help of imitation fish well caught pike, especially at night.

Fishing with circle

A circle is a kind of imitation fish, but this type of fishing requires more attention fisherman and timely cuttings. It's a moving tackle for fishing with live bait, in which the main part of the design is a disc of foam, cork or wood. The angler must watch for bites, waiting for the predator will turn circle. Such fishing is carried out only from a boat in a pond with calm water or slow current. Method allows you to catch walleye, perch, pike, sometimes cod or catfish.

Fishing on the circle

Fishing on the circle

Fishing boat

This method, sometimes called "water serpent", is that fishing is carried on the surface of the water, and the end of the fishing line attached to a floating wooden boat. Hooks attached to the leash, bait are usually insects, fry and artificial flies. On the boat caught a Chub, IDE, Chub, but you can also catch sabrefish or pike.

Fishing "gum"

Fishing "gum" – a kind of bottom gear, fitted with a rubber that returns the hook into the water. Rubber cord, stretchable 5-7 times, connects the sinker on the bottom, and fishing line with hooks. This allows you to do repeated casts, frightening the fish, and slowly return the bait in the water. An additional advantage of such a gear – softening jerks during playing. On fishing "gum" caught: walleye, burbot, pike, IDE, sabrefish, carp.

Depending on what fish you plan to catch and in which water, used different types of fishing. There is no best or worst methods because each of them is optimal under certain conditions. But a lot depends on the preference of the angler: one loves to sit quietly with float rod, feel the harmony of nature; the other prefers trolling the movement, excitement, thrills; and the third opted for the spinning. Try different ways, learn the intricacies of each method of fishing and get rich catches. Successful fishing!
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