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Talk about a few ways to make the dough for fishing. In General, if you are on the fishing ask another fisherman «on the hunt», and in response you will get «the dough», that you should not talk about anything. The fact that the dough is different: the dough is easy from wheat flour, dough from wheat flour, dough of the meal crumb, the dough from the peas, from millet, from Hercules of fuck knows what. That's it! It is clear in this case, only the fact that the fisherman catches on vegetative nozzle «white» fish. So, I'm in my practice, using the following types of the уловистой nozzle: the dough for fishing from flour, dough for fishing of decoys or easier Munk for fishing (this in another article), bread crumb, stirred of flour. Is caught in the dough all white fish.


The dough for fishing from flour.

Being prepared is not difficult. I take a small bowl,
насыпаю back a glass of flour. If замешиваю the dough for a crucian, then there is going to put a half teaspoon of powdered sugar, on a tip of a knife of vanilla. The dough for carp do the same, and for roach and bream sugar is not pouring out, only vanilla. Following, we take a solid metal spoon in hand, make a groove in the flour to the bottom of the bowl, and there pour a little water. If we have no powdered sugar, and dough for fishing want to make sweetened, then take a spoonful of sugar, and sypem it in a glass of water, stir, and use this water. Many fishermen, as liquid component, use the egg. You can use different kinds of fruit, berry juices. Many are advised to pour milk, all this is quite possible, but in my dough for fishing from the flour I Lew just water. Water should be clean, without chlorine, better from under the filter. In the dough is a very good idea to add any taste enhancer. On numerous fishing I have used different improvers taste and focused on the following: vanilla, Anis (in the form of drops), and, perhaps, honey. With anise, vanilla need to be very careful and add them in a little bit: anise - one-two drops vanilla - on the tip of a knife (not in a flour, and in the liquid). So, a solid metal spoon begin to knead dough, passing add or prepared water, or flour. Knead until then, Coca it does not become dense and spoon interfere become uncomfortable. Then continue to hands помойтеJ). The dough should be secure, do not stick to your hands, is the same as for ravioli, otherwise fishing it can raskisnut. Out of the final test should be obtained good balls. Keep the dough can be in a cellophane bag the bag with the addition in it a little flour. I have for this purpose there is a box of foam plastic, I think, in it it is better preserved.

Still give good advice, if you are going to catch on to the bream, the dough for bream do as follows. After the kneaded dough, you need to ridden out of his balls in size from 0.5 to 1.0 cm and cook them in boiling water. Then pour them on the cloth dry. Such balls for bream much longer hold of the hook, and change their not devours, and
лещу pofig - swallowing it. Of course, if the balls were hard, then you can put them in the short hair snap-in. Are we type бойлы, only softer. Caught me in the balls and carp - works. Be of good cheer!

A bread crumb - too dough.

The next test for fishing is a simple bread crumb. It is also quite
уловистая nozzle. Besides me noticed that when fishing roach on a rye bread crumb with the addition of honey come across individuals are significantly larger. This плотвица pleases the eye, and your heart beats stronger. Look at the красноглазую beauty and can't give the eye, and we need to continue fishing. I personally have to this end a special feeling. The fact is that one day, when I was about seven years old and I, walking with a little bamboo fishing rod on the river Цна, stopped near one of an old grandfather. Talk with him, and he offered me throw your tackle is near, and so I did. Caught I then dung worms small ruffs and a large fish only dreamed of. My grandfather, in my opinion, like communicate with me and he was leaving, he left me his head. It was a bread crumb with honey. Honey from it and smell. Planted I ball out of bread on a hook, and five minutes later, as a float притопило, I hit and barely kept the rod in his hands. On the hook struggled biggest красноглазка, it was at 350 grams, not less, and then it seemed to me just a giant. Плотвицу I'm so up to the end and not fished out, she fell down near the shore, jumping and not даваясь in hand, went into the river. Chagrin, there was no limit. In the evening I caught a few more красноглазок, but not so large. After going to the river, I always took rye bread crumb with honey and it did not races helpful to me. Now there are few who uses a bread crumb for fishing, but in vain! In the end of all improvers taste already added flavouring it with something else there is no point, except that - honey.

Stirred of flour.

Stirred of flour a beautiful cap. But not for all cases of life, as they say. The fact that the catch on her any better when they don't, and when pecks. In this case, the
болтушку will bite even better. It happens that catch впроводку, and roach or white bream with ласкариком тюкают, and swallow the bait don't want to, then stick болтушку and about a miracle! - the float sinks, and you выуживаешь fish. Now this tip will not surprise anybody, all about it know, caught mainly purchased in the fishing shop болтушку, which, of course, a very уловиста, not sour in the heat and grabs her for a few fishing trips. And before that, when I, being still inexperienced рыбачком, tried to have the river make the dough for fishing and accidentally poured into a tin with flour, water, virtually destroyed itself fishing. But still took it and tried to stick screwed viscous paste on the hook. Keep it does not really, but all the same viscosity stirred enough to селявка, without giving bait sink to the bottom, grabbed взаглот the nozzle. Селявка was not small, and I, without thinking twice, changing the depth, I caught a few tens of this delicious fish. The Internet didn't exist then, old draw nowhere to be, and only had to додумываться himself. Later than I thought keep the head in a plastic tube from under the toothpaste, and then, when I accidentally fell into the hands of the empty syringe (do not think that is not the topic! J), he became the best container for stirred of flour. Болтушку of the meal I took on fishing in a tube of toothpaste, out of it, is already in the water, болтушку moved into the syringe and successfully caught at her white fish.

Today the industry produces this nozzle is already loaded in the syringes in large numbers, with various additives and amplifiers of taste. It is made from semolina with the addition of the devil knows what, but the important thing is that it is well caught and she did not disappear during the multi-day fishing. Of course, you can buy it for fishing such, but you can prepare
болтушку of flour and myself. Knead the flour standard dough for fishing with the only difference that the dough do not dense and viscous, is that it, if her strung on a match and pull, not immediately torn, and stretched centimeters three-to five-and only then exploding. Or checking viscosity stirred like this: put it into the syringe and it should be squeezed out of him sausage. A thick will not be squeezed out, the liquid will immediately explode. In General, did, tried to roll her on the hook, it turned out - this should be a no - fix. When pressing stirred from the syringe, at first, as if, touches her by the thorn hook, then inflate the trigger, otherwise it will turn on the stock hook. Try and not be afraid to experiment. Good luck!


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